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The Alumni Evening was attended by a crowd of 300 people average

alumniprofessionals, students, students and friends of the University celebrate the 60th anniversary of Tecnun

PhotoJavierBernal/60th Anniversary Celebration

26 | 04 | 2022

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Tecnun, the campus of Ibaeta was the protagonist of a meeting between alumni, students, professors, staff and friends of the University.

Around 300 people participated in the Alumni Evening, which was enlivened by musical performances by the groups "Todas en Junio", "Igara Roosters" and "El pingüino hippie", formed by students or alumni of the School of Engineering.

Alumni Evening

Guided tours of campus were also organized with the participation of students from different engineering graduating classes, former students of the Physics School , as well as other alumni of the University.

At the event, the director, Raúl Antón, said a few words of thanks to all the people who have passed through Tecnun. He also presented the two new master's degrees launched(Technological Innovation and Artificial Intelligence) and shared some details of the renovation of the Igara building and its new laboratories. On the other hand, he mentioned the School's commitment to research in the field of biomedical engineering, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. 

He also highlighted the style Tecnun: "I have heard it many times and the people who say it refer to the ethics, the spirit of service and the responsibility that characterises you. And that is what we want and what we strive for," Antón concluded. 

The head of Alumni at Tecnun and a former student, Soledad AbadIt was great to see many familiar faces from our university years," he says. 

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