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Award Ceremony of Diplomas of Tecnun

Almost 170 engineering students, belonging to the Class of 2018, received their diploma at the Kursaal.

26/05/18 13:29 Communication Service

On Saturday took place in the auditorium of the Kursaal the ceremony for the awarding of diplomas of Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra. The ceremony was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu and was attended by the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, the deputy directors José María Sarriegi, Paloma Grau and Jorge Juan Gil, the director of Development, Iñigo Gutierrez, and the manager Javier Aizpún.

During the academic ceremony, María Luisa Arriola, director of Bic Gipuzkoa, gave the keynote speech. Previously, students Lore Ugartemendia and Alejandro Utrilla presented the event and thanked the presence of family, friends, teachers and other classmates. 

Afterwards, the almost 170 engineering students, belonging to the Class of 2018, took the podium to receive the diploma corresponding to their degree from the academic authorities. Specifically, students from the degrees in Industrial OrganizationEngineering, Industrial Technologies Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunication Systems,Communications Electronics, Industrial Design and Product Development and Biomedical Engineering received their diplomas.

University students from Guipuzcoa such as Pablo Hernández, Josu Catalina, Mireia Yurrita and Miriam Gorostidi, the Catalan Eric Roig, Jesús de la Fuente from Almeria, and the Venezuelan Naia Bengoa, reflected on their time at Tecnun in a video that was shown during the event. Among the international students were Francisco Javier Velázquez, from Honduras, José Carlos Álvarez Vega, from Mexico, Miguel Antonio Cebrián and Gabriela Iturriza, from Venezuela, and Gabriel Paternina, from the USA, who were accompanied by their relatives from those countries.

Two course delegates, Maialen Agirre (Industrial Design) and Alejandro López de Carrizosa (Industrial Technologies), gave an emotional speech on behalf of all their classmates, which was very well received. They had the collaboration of the rest of the course representatives of each grade: Eric Roig (Mechanics), Javier Alonso (Electrical), Kevin Calderón (Telecommunication Systems), Paula Mendizábal (Communications Electronics) and José María Carracero (Biomedical), who have represented their classmates over the last four years and who have collaborated in the organization of social, sporting and cultural events. 

The event was also attended by the president of Ceit-Ik4, José María Rodriguez Ibabe and the scientific director, Reyes Elizalde, the director of the Colegio Mayor Ayete, Santiago Zayas and the director of the Colegio Mayor Jaizkibel, María Jesús Álvarez.

Among the attendees were also professors such as Tomás Gómez Acebo, Nicolás Serrano, Joaquín de Nó, Francisco Planes, Héctor Sólar, Adam Podhorski, Luis Fontán, Javier Santos, Juan Tomás Celigueta, Paul Bustamante, Mentxu Blanco, Iñigo Adin, Pedro Crespo, Ángel Rubio, Enrique Reina, Ainara Pradera, David del Río, Aitziber López, Guillermo Bistué, Javier Aldazabal, Andoni Beriain, Professor Emeritus Juan Flaquer, doctoral students Iñigo Apaolaza and Fernando De Villar and the student and delegate of Tecnun, María José Cabrera. 

The auditorium also welcomed university employees such as Itziar Cobo, Roxana Castro, Ainara Díez, Ana Moreno, Idoia Salazar, Marta de Juana and Gustavo Pego, as well as the coordinator of studies, Coro Aycart. 

The families enjoyed the day very much and in the morning they attended the Mass that was celebrated in the Chapel of Santa Teresa School and was officiated by the chaplains of Tecnun Mr.Emilio Fuertes and Mr. Toché Marín. At the cocktail afterwards, students such as Juan Carlos Retegui from Cadiz, took the opportunity to take pictures with fellow students such as Pepe Serrano, Encarnita Pluma, Hugo Ariño, Adolfo Villalobos and Gloria Galicia. In another area, friends Telmo Egües, Jaime García Figueras and Joseba Espejo greeted other fellow students, including María Bikuña, Pablo Crespo, Miguel García and Miguel Martín. This was also a good moment for the university students to introduce their parents to teachers such as Leire Labaka, Elisabeth Viles, Josune Hernantes and Marta Ormazábal, who have accompanied them throughout this stage.

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