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Tecnun has hosted the IV conference of consultancy service

The goal of these conference is to promote the University-Company relationship in the campus

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Representatives of Simon Kucher explain the work of their consultancy to the students. PHOTOGRAPH: Communication Service
26/10/18 10:47 Communication Service

The technological campus of the University of Navarra hosted this Thursday and Friday average dozen companies from consultancy service, on the occasion of the IV conference of consultancy service organized by the External Relations Service of the University of Navarra. Tecnun.

The goal of these conference is to promote the University-Company relationship at campus, offering students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the activity of the consultancies and to opt for internships in them.

Professionals from consulting firms such as Simon Kucher, KPMG, Ernst & Young, PKF-ATTEST, Management Solutions or PWC interviewed the students from Tecnun interested in applying for a job.

"The most positive thing about the conference is the satisfaction of the students for having been able to get to know these companies first hand", say Javier Ganuza and Eli Urcelay, from the External Relations Service of Tecnun.

The former student of Tecnun, Alejandra Castiella, was one of the professionals who came to Tecnun to present the consultancy service where they work. In her case, she belongs to the Health Sciences division of Simon Kucher, and has been very satisfied with her visit to the School. "We want the students to know what exactly is a consultancy service, because sometimes they don't know that their profile is highly valued in this subject of companies. They have asked us many questions and the feedback we have received is of great interest to us," said Castiella.

For his part, Borja Alba, Alejandra 's partner at Simon Kucher, explained the reason for her visit to TecnunWe come to the Universities where we are very happy with the people who have come out of them, like Alejandra, for example, so our passage through Tecnun was a must".

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