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400 prospective students at the workshop Open Doors and testing of Admissions Office

27 | 02 | 2023

Last Saturday, February 25, Tecnun held the Open Doorsworkshop in the campus of Ibaeta and Miramon with a total of 300 prospective students. In addition, a total of 400 students took part that same day in the test of Admissions Office in person and, in some cases, also online

The Open Doors workshop started at 9.30 am with a presentation at position by Mikel Arcelus, director of the Promotion Service.

This was followed by a roundtable with students and alumni of the School, which allowed future students and their families to resolve any doubts they may have. Students Manuel Ubiria (Master in Industrial Engineering), María Pich-Aguilera (Degree Industrial Organization), Ernesto Antelo (Degree Electrical Engineering), Bruno Sunsundegi (Master in Telecommunication Engineering) and former student, Andrea Larrañaga (Aeronautics) took part in the roundtable ,

The participants visited the laboratories of design, Pneumatics, the Gene Haas Center, the Telecommunications and Automotive laboratories, as well as the Microbiology, Medical Instruments and research center laboratories at Ceit. There they were able to learn about cutting-edge technology projects and talked about the participation of students in the projects of this research center and the startups that are born from Ceit.

The Promotion Service of Tecnun reminds those who are interested in visiting the School that they can do so at any time, by making an appointment at quotation .

It should be noted that the University has received 5% more applications for Admissions Office from Degree than last year. You can read the complete news in the unclic of campus Pamplona. 

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