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SENER engineers with the students of the MII of San Sebastián

They present to the students the projects they are working on for the European Space Agency.

PhotoIgnacioVillameriel/MII students during one of the sessions with SENER engineers.

27 | 10 | 2021

The students of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering at campus in San Sebastian have recently received several sessions with different SENER engineers. This company is an engineering and technology group that offers advanced technological solutions, and is characterized by its independence and commitment to innovation and quality.

The SENER engineers who attended the sessions on Project Management at the MII in San Sebastian belong to the electro-mechanical systems division with a presence in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona. Tecnun in San Sebastian belong to the electro-mechanical systems division with presence in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, and lead projects in the aerospace sector. It should be noted that SENER has been collaborating with Tecnun for several years, both at campus in Donostia, as well as at campus in Madrid.

The sessions in Donostia were given at position by Ibon Arregui Bilbao, current Poland Division Manager at SENER; Aitor Arce, Project Manager at SENER Aerospace; and Ignacio Melgar, Flight Systems & Avionics Division Director of the company. These engineers are leading projects of great relevance and importance, ESA (European Space Agency) projects, which they explained to the students of the School.

Specifically, SENER engineers explained to the MII students projects such as the deployment mechanism of BOOM, the satellite that will orbit Jupiter in 7 years and will be launched in November 2021; the support structure for the mirrors of the world's largest telescope that will be installed in Chile, in a seismic zone, so it must have seismic movement damping systems of an unprecedented level of sophistication ( Degree ).

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