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Tecnun signature an agreement with Ihobe to work on the integration of the Economics Circular in the Basque Country.

28 | 03 | 2023

The director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, and Alex Boto, director general of Ihobe, director of the Public Society of Environmental Management of the Basque Government, Ihobe, have signed an agreement for the creation of classroom Ihobe. The goal, to work on the integration of sustainability in the business and social fabric of the Basque Country.

With the present agreement, Tecnun joins the Basque Circular Hubthe Basque Country's center of advanced services of Economics circular, whose purpose is to support new initiatives of green Economics entrepreneurship, offer advanced training to academic staff, employees and students who wish to specialize in this field. 

Likewise, Tecnun will promote the development of doctoral studies on topics related to the principles of the Economics Circular. In this sense, next academic year, Ihobe will co-finance with 20,000 euros a doctoral dissertation, entitled "Methodology of transition to the Economics Circular focused on the consumer". "We proposed several work ideas to Ihobe and this one is very important because in the Economics Circular, to close the cycle successfully, you have to take into account the last link, which is the consumer and this is generally moved by fashion and price", explained the professor and researcher of the Sustainable Improvement group of Ihobe, Carmen Jaca. TecnunCarmen Jaca

The general director of Ihobe, Alex Boto Bastegieta has highlighted that the incorporation of Tecnun to the Basque Circular Hub "will be an important boost to the circular Economics in Euskadi, a winning strategy for our companies, since raw materials account for about 60% of production costs and a high dependence on the outside". In this sense, Boto recalled that the circular Economics is the tool core topic for the unpostponable decarbonization of the Basque industry.

On the other hand, Jaca wanted to highlight the "opportunity" that this agreement represents because it allows to join synergies and combine the knowledge of two institutions with "extensive experience": "Ihobe is a reference letter in the Basque Country in environmental management and for Tecnun is a great opportunity, both from the point of view of research, such as the training that our student body will receive and the opportunities for collaboration with the academic staff", he acknowledged after the signature.

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