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Tecnun ranks among the top three engineering schools in the world.

The CYD ranking highlights the Degrees Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Tecnun

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Tecnun-University of Navarra occupies the top positions in the Engineering branch. PHOTO: Communication Service
28/05/19 10:54 Communication service

The STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields have positioned themselves as the safest and most successful disciplines for those who are thinking about their future career. For this reason, less than a month before the start of the university entrance exam and the subsequent decision to choose a university, the Foundation knowledge and development (CYD) has presented the results of the sixth edition of the CYD Ranking, which analyzes and rates the performance of 73 of the 81 centers in Spain. Tecnun-The University of Navarra occupies the top positions in the field of Engineering. Especially in Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Degrees .

As is the case every year, the ranking does not attempt to establish a classification as usual, but identifies up to three levels of performance in 23 areas of knowledge. Thus, each student, university or company can evaluate the aspects they value most in each campus: teaching and learning are not the same as research or international orientation. Of the total number of centers analyzed, 48 are public and 25 are private.

According to Ángela Mediavilla, coordinator of report, "the 11 areas on which this edition focuses provide very complete information on the universities that offer Degrees or master's degrees in these scientific and technological fields". Engineering is present in more than 78% of universities, and science is taught in 83% of campus. The OECD, among other organizations, warned last month of the need for countries to take this subject of branches seriously if they really want to contribute to the employability and growth of their regions.

Outside the field of STEM, and taking into account the aforementioned indicators, the universities that perform best are, in this order, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Navarra.

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