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Electrical Engineering from Tecnun, issue one in qualification of the academic staff

The University of Navarra is the first in Spain in teaching and Learning, according to the CYD ranking.

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Electrical Engineering of Tecnun, number one in qualification of the academic staff PHOTO: Communication Service
28/05/20 17:42 Communication Service

The University of Navarra is first in Spain in "teaching and learning", according to the CYD ranking presented by the Foundation knowledge and development. The University obtains a high performing in eight of the nine indicators evaluated in this area. According to CYD's 2020 report , the academic center stands out in the indicators of master's degree graduation rates and Degree, performance and success rates of student body, and in its capacity to attract students from Degree from other autonomous regions. 

In the case of Tecnunby fields of knowledge, the School stands out in 3 of them: Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Within the category of teaching and Learning, Tecnun is in the group of university centers with more high performing in most of the indicators of these specialties, such as for example the qualification of academic staff, the success rate, the grade average of new enrollees, or the ratio of students per professor.

The Electrical Engineering program at Tecnun occupies the first place in qualification of academic staff in this ranking. Also the studies of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, occupy one of the top 5 positions in this indicator.

In the Top 5 in research

Tecnun is also ranked among the top 5 university centers in the field of engineering by issue of publications by its professors in these specialties. Specifically, in Mechanical Engineering it is in 3rd position.

International orientation

The University of Navarra also obtained third place in International Orientation. In this area the academic center stands out for the issue of degrees taught in a foreign language in Degree and masters, the mobility of students (including internships), the international academic staff and the doctoral theses presented by students from outside Spain. Also, according to this study of 37 academic performance indicators, it is the first private university and the third best in Spain in overall results, behind the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona.

The CYD ranking is the largest ranking of Spanish universities and analyzes, from various sources, 94% of the existing ones. In the current edition, it studies 76 academic centers, 25 areas of knowledge and 2,925 degrees of Degree and master's degrees. For this purpose, it divides the 37 indicators into five areas: teaching and learning, research, transfer of knowledge, international orientation and contribution to development regional. The University of Navarra obtains a total of 25 indicators of higher performance, 7 of intermediate performance and 5 of lower performance. 

The study, which can be consulted at and which offers relative indicators that analyze the efficiency of universities, aims to help students find their way around when looking for a center of study and to offer strategic information to university management teams and public administrators. It also provides information for the U-Multirank ranking, which is presented in June and allows Spanish universities to be compared with 1,760 other universities in 96 countries.


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