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Palliatives Without Borders and Tecnun sign collaboration agreement

The aim is to promote university volunteering and make the resources offered by this health NGDO more visible.

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The director of Tecnun and the president of Paliativos Sin Fronteras during the signing of the collaboration agreement. PHOTO: Communication Service
29/01/20 12:48 Communication Service

The NGO Paliativos Sin Fronteras and Tecnun, School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in Sebastián, have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting volunteering among the students and professionals of the centre.

Specifically, engineering students from Tecnun, under the coordination of several teachers, will modify the database of the PSF website to update the social and health resources that the organisation offers in the Basque Country and make them more accessible. Students and teachers will also have the opportunity to offer support services to chronically ill people.

As a university we have a responsibility to help out, and the agreement aims to take a further step in this direction," says Raúl Antón, Director of Tecnun, "The initial idea is for the university community to put its technical knowledge at the service of social organisations. "The initial idea is that the university community puts its technical knowledge at the service of social entities, in this case, improving the website and facilitating access to the resources that Palliatives without Borders offers to society," explains Antón. "All of this enhances the university experience and complements their human training.

For his part, Wilson Astudillo, President of Palliatives Without Borders, thanks Tecnun for "their important support in facilitating the students' involvement as volunteers, something that will undoubtedly increase their social sensitivity". "We are very happy that the students are going to help us improve the presentation and possibilities of our website, so that it will be easier to know what palliative care offers and how it alleviates the suffering of the chronically ill and their families.

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