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The University submission awards the Silver Medal to 99 professionals.

"We have faced the pandemic with initiative and a sense of responsibility; we have complained little and we have innovated a lot," stated the President

FotoVillarLópez/Moment of submission of the Silver Medal of the University of Navarra to five of the awardees.

29 | 01 | 2021

The University of Navarra has awarded its Silver Medal to 99 professionals in recognition of their 25 years of work at the academic center. This year, the medals were awarded to two people from IESE, who received the distinction on Dec. 22 in Barcelona, and 97 from campus in Pamplona and San Sebastián.

The ceremony of submission was held in the Museum Theater, with the intervention of President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero; and Marta Ferrer, director of department of Allergology and Clinical Immunology of the Clínica Universidad de Navarraon behalf of the award winners. The event was in person for the medalists and was broadcast in streaming for family members, colleagues and friends.

In his speech, President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, referred to the pandemic and reflected on the possibility of being happy "in these times of prolonged adversity". The conditions for happiness, he stressed, are to be useful to others and to be of service to society; and to be surrounded by good people.

In his opinion, these are two conditions that "are admirably fulfilled" at the University of Navarra: "Firstly, in our teaching, healthcare and research activities we try to provide the best possible service to students, patients and society in general; and secondly, if we look around us, we always find extraordinary colleagues who make our task easier and encourage us to advance, grow and progress," he stressed.

Regarding the last year, he affirmed that the University has faced the pandemic with initiative and a sense of responsibility: "We have complained little and innovated a lot; we have overcome unexpected difficulties with creativity and as a team; we have had clear priorities; we have acted with order and a spirit of solidarity; our response has caused many people to trust the University and to value the task we carry out every day with our best efforts".

A memorable promotion

Dr. Marta Ferrer thanked on behalf of the medalists: "We are a memorable graduating class, a challenge for the laws of epidemiology; we have survived kisses and hugs, tobacco smoke in our classrooms and workplaces, bollicaos and tigretones, bombs and intoxications," she said, among other events experienced in the last 25 years. And, as if that were not enough, he continued, "we manage with ease in the midst of a pandemic while maintaining academic excellence and we are able to have floors full of COVID and attend consultations, endoscopies and operating rooms".

Dr. Ferrer spoke of the stages in working life. "We have given way to maturity. Today is a day to forgive, to be grateful, to put our hearts into what we do. Only we can make our workplace look like that place we dreamed of and experienced when we first walked in here," she explained.  

List of the 99 medalists

Beatriz Alaña-Sánchez

Manuel Alegre Esteban

Carmen José Alejos

Matías Alfonso Olmos-García

Juan Alonso García

Esther Álvarez Fernández

Constantino Ánchel Balaguer

Diana María Ansorena Artieda

María Jesús Arizcuren

José Ramón Arruebarrena Alonso

Miguel Azagra Solano

Cesar Aitor Azcárate

Jorge Baixauli Fons

Jana Balda Larráyoz

Pilar Ballará Feliu

Silvia Barquero Rollán

Eduardo Bayo Pérez

Alfonso Calvo González

Joseba Campos Capelastegui

Gabriel Canel Crespo

Manuel Castells Clemente

Amaya Chalezquer Ohárrriz

Carlos Chocarro Bujanda

Nuria Cizur Abadía

Sofia Collantes Estrada

Olga de Andrés Rodríguez

Lydia de Dios Contzen

Marta De Juana Zubizarreta

Lucía Mercedes De la Iglesia

María Cristina Echeverz Legarrea

Blanca Esther Elizondo Donázar

Javier Etayo Sola

María Edurne Fernández Fernández

Carmen Ferreira Espinar

Carmen Ferrer De Cabo

Marta Ferrer Puga

Mª Antonia Fortuño

Marta Frago Pérez

Fernando García Rodríguez

Pedro María García Medina

Isabel García Oses

Jaione García Martínez

María Ángeles García de la Borbolla

Jordi Garrigó Reixach

(María) Pilar Gil Sánchez

Mª Carmen Gil Galochino

Valentín Gómez-Iglesias Casal

Cruz González Ayesta

María del Mar González Simón

Blanca González Ruiz

Maite Gortari Arrizabalga

María Esther Grocin Garjón

Manoli Gutierrez Torres

José Hermida Santos

Maite Herráiz Bayod

Arantxa Ibarra Benito

Milagros Induráin Jiménez

Ion Irízar Picón

Sonia Lara Ros

Marga Legarrea Goñi

Isidora Leo

Borja López-Jurado

Laura framework Landa

Asun Marticorena Lera

Miguel Ángel Martínez González

Ana Moreno Atalaya

Marta Moreno Jimenez

Maria Lourdes Mújica Gorriti

Juan Enrique Muruzábal

Javier Nanclares Valle

Isidro Olavide Goya

Idoya Oneca Goyen

María José Osinaga Ardaiz

María Gemma Oteiza Ocáriz

Arantxa Pardo Vega

Iván Peñuelas Sánchez

Natalia Pérez Mendioroz

Susana Ravassa Albéniz

Miriam Remiro Ilundain

Gonzalo Robles González

Ana Rodríguez Murillo

Guayarmina Rosso Gonzalez

Ana Rouzaut Subirá

Ángel Rubio Díaz-Cordovés

Miguel Ruiz-Canela

Charo Sádaba Chalezquer

María Ángeles Salgado Guinaldo

Marianela Sola

Ana María Tellería Perurena

Maria Carmen Udi

Julia Urabayen Pérez

Maite Urdiain Oloriz

Carmen Urpí Guercia

Sonia Villafañe Casante

Arantxa Villegas Churruca

José Ramón Yuste Ara

Ítziar Zazpe García

Eduardo Zubillaga Jiménez

Marian Zulet Alzórriz

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