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"When you go outside, you realise how well they prepare us at Tecnun".

Alejandro García is currently in Boston on a stay at the MIT Media Lab.

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Alejandro García. PHOTO: Communication Service
29/07/20 12:48 Communication Service

Alejandro García studied the Industrial Engineering degree at Tecnun and emphasises that he finished the degree "very happy with what he had learned" and therefore decided to continue studying the Master's degree in Industrial Engineering at Tecnun. "It is true that the theoretical load of the degree is greater than the practical, and this was one of the reasons why I continued with the master's degree, seeking to apply what I had learned to more practical projects that would help me get closer to the working world", emphasises the engineer, who is currently completing a stay at the MIT Media Lab.

- How did the choice to go to the MIT Media Lab come about?

I came to do my master's thesis and extended my stay to collaborate on a couple of projects. When you go out into the "real world" you realise what tools we learn at Tecnun and how we are really well prepared to face problems and look for solutions, even in such prestigious environments as MIT.

- What else would you highlight from your training at Tecnun?

I would emphasise that, both in the bachelor's and master's degrees, the training is very broad, covering many technical areas, as well as human ones. We learn about different sectors of engineering, without forgetting that we not only need technical knowledge but also how to apply it, and especially how to apply it in a team. Although we are all more inclined towards a particular area, having this global vision of engineering helps us to find better solutions and Tecnun really achieves that.

- What doors has the Master's in Industrial Engineering opened for you?

As industrial engineering is such a broad discipline and the Master's has different modules, there are many doors open to us, perhaps all of them! Then we have the challenge of choosing what we like, but knowing that we can apply what we learn to so many sectors helps a lot when looking for a job or choosing a sector that interests us the most.

- Would you recommend it to students who are considering it?

Without a doubt, further training after the degree is important and both my classmates and I are very happy with the practical and teamwork format that this master's degree offers.

- Why?

In the master's degree you really realise what all that study during the degree was for. Most of the content of the Master's is organised in practical and team projects. It is a great opportunity to work for the first time on engineering projects together with a team. A stepping stone to the working world that teaches us what an engineer is capable of and how to work in a team.



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