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Tecnun 280 new students start the new academic year

The percentage of enrolled students increases by 10% and half of the future engineers come from outside Gipuzkoa

29 | 08 | 2022

TecnunThe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian has started the academic year with an introductory program aimed at the 280 new students who are beginning their university studies. It should be noted that the number of students enrolled has increased by 10% with respect to last year and that nearly half of the future engineers come from outside Gipuzkoa. The director of the School's Admissions Service, Mikel Arcelus, emphasizes that "the future new students of Tecnun come from 18 different countries, many of them with an international high school education. These data not only represent an increase in the number of students at the School, but also an improvement in the average academic level of those enrolled, with an average baccalaureate grade of 8.56 points".

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, September 1, the 800 students in higher education will also begin the academic year at the technological campus of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian.

"Course zero", a first contact with the world of work

The first year Engineering students have had a first contact with Tecnun in the now traditional Initiation Program of the School, also known as "Course Zero", the course includes from today until Wednesday, August 31, different welcome sessions, training in study techniques and a review of mathematics to successfully face the first year of Engineering.

The future engineers have received information about the future dynamics of the course and have visited the facilities of the Ibaeta campus in San Sebastian. During these days they will discover from the hand of professors and staff what it means to be a university student. Tecnun what it means to be a university student. They will get to know the university life of the School and of the colleges Ayete y JaizkibelThey will learn about university life, as well as other educational activities such as basic calculus, trigonometry and algebra.

In the 2022-23 academic year, the University of Navarra as a whole will welcome around 2,500 new students. Although the incorporation process is still open, 2,470 students have enrolled so far: 745 international and 1,725 domestic.

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