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Engineers vs. Coronavirus

Solidarity initiatives for quarantine days

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Carlos Basarte, a student who is developing masks to protect healthcare workers from exposure to the virus. PHOTO: Communication Service
30/03/20 11:11 Communication Service

There are students and staff of the University who, far from staying with their arms crossed, have launched several projects to help the neediest people.

3D printed protective screens for sanitary ware

Iñigo Ordóñez, a technician in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering department at Tecnun, has been testing for several days how to 3D print visors for protective screens for toilets. To do so, he is using theschool's 3D printers. Ordóñez will send more than 100 units to the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona and Madrid. He will also collaborate with the Hospital Donostia .

With a lot of effort, he works together with other professionals from Tecnun such as Juan Carlos Ramos and Juan Villarón, as well as with the researcher from the Medical Engineering Laboratory and former student Marcos Llorente and Maider Istúriz, Technician from the digital fabrication area of the University's School of Architecture. Istúriz is finishing off the work by cutting the screens on the Pamplona campus.

Also, as Iñigo Ordóñez tells us, they have collaborated by donating material to the Otorhinolaryngology Department of the Policlínica de Donostia .

"They are very exposed, they did not have the necessary protection to protect themselves and they use diving masks to care for patients and protect themselves from the virus. That is why we sent them a few days ago some adapters so that they could put the filters on the tubes they use," explains Ordóñez.


Dr. Carlos Chiesa, specialist in Otorhinolaryngology at the Polyclinic, has written to thank the School for its work: "Thanks to your collaboration we already have the Snorkel masks".

In this line, the student Carlos Basarte, together with the group"Coronavirus Makers", organized by different regions of Spain, is developing masks, whose objective is to protect the face and avoid exposure to the virus by health workers. These have been validated by the Navarra Health Service.

"The mask consists of a PLA (plastic) visor, a transparent acetate sheet as a shield and an elastic band at the back. The operation resembles a welder's mask. We would like all the people who have a 3D printer at home, or can donate material such as acetate or elastic tapes, to contact us by Telegram, in the Basque Country or Navarra" , says Carlos.

Donate unused tablets or phones

Ceit researcher David del Río, with the support of doctoral student Fátima Villa, also wants to help. He proposes to collect cell phones and tablets to donate them to residences or homes of the elderly, so that they can talk to family, friends or volunteers. Those who wish to collaborate can contact him by sending an email to ddelrio@ceit.es.


On the other hand, Tantaka has launched various initiatives on the San Sebastian campus with the aim of enabling the university community to collaborate during the quarantine period.

  • Applika Tecnun

Under the supervision of Juan Francisco Carias, PhD student of the Department of Industrial Organization, a group of students continues to work from home on the Applika project, which is divided into the following initiatives, open to anyone who wishes to collaborate these days.

  1. Development of a mobile application to help the association En Bici Sin Edad to manage volunteer activities.

  2. Design of a database to digitalize the social and health resources of the NGOs El Teléfono de la Esperanza Gipuzkoa and Paliativos Sin Fronteras.

  3. Development of a chat that helps El Teléfono de la Esperanza connect with people who are reluctant to initiate a link through telephone contact.

  • Support for the Solidarity Network 

Tantaka also encourages the university community to collaborate with the solidarity network organized by the Basque Government, in collaboration with various social entities such as Caritas and the Red Cross.

The "Guztion Artean" network is asking for volunteers who, always complying with safety measures, offer to do the shopping for people with disabilities, elderly or at risk due to the pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus. They also need people to go to the pharmacy or to walk the dog of these people.

  • Accompanying the elderly through videoconferencing

In order to make the stay of isolated elderly people more pleasant, Tantaka proposes:

  1. Offer them individualized support by videoconference or telephone contact.

  2. Organize small live and online concerts or readings of stories and poems.

In collaboration with

Those interested in requesting more information about the activities promoted by Tantaka can write to pberroa@tecnun.es or send a WhatsApp to 669 02 05 19 

You can download the poster here 

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