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Tecnun-University of Navarra and Mitsubishi Electric sign a new agreement partnership agreement

Agree on the creation of a classroom Mitsubishi ELECTRIC in the Thermal and Fluid Engineering laboratories of Tecnun

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Raúl Antón and Pedro Ruiz during the signature of the agreement at campus Madrid PHOTO: Communication Service
30/05/19 11:59

TecnunThe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian and Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Spain branch , have signed today a partnership agreement in Madrid. Both Tecnun and Mitsubishi ELECTRIC wish to establish "a collaboration in the field of research and teaching in favor of development and training of the students of the School of Engineers, oriented to a better preparation for their professional practice".  

The signature took place at the new postgraduate headquarters of the University of Navarra in Madrid, where both parties stated that they are "firmly convinced that the University-business relationship must be increasingly intense and deep in the future and that this relationship will result in a more competitive company and a University more in tune with the needs of the business world". In addition, it has been agreed to create a classroom Mitsubishi ELECTRIC in the Thermal and Fluids Engineering laboratories of Tecnun.  

To this end, Mitsubishi will provide the Engineering School with equipment for the training of future engineers, in return for which Mitsubishi will have an advantageous position in recruiting students and graduates from Tecnun.  

Likewise, Tecnun is committed to establish a laboratory dedicated to Air Conditioning Technology with the corporate image of Mitsubishi ELECTRIC as sponsor. On the other hand, Mitsubishi ELECTRIC will have a special visibility in the entrance hall of the Main Building of Tecnun, together with other institutions that maintain institutional collaboration agreements with Tecnun.  

The signature of this agreement of collaboration in the new headquarters of the University of Navarra reflects the fact that Tecnun in September will begin its activity in the capital, teaching the Master of Industrial Engineering.  

At the signature of the agreement were present the director of Tecnun, Raúl Antón, and director External Relations of the School, Javier Ganuza. Mitsubishi ELECTRIC was represented by Pedro Ruiz, Director General Air Conditioning Division, and the company's Marketing Manager, Ramón Cano .

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