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Tecnun celebrated the Act of submission of Diplomas and Imposition of Birretes

30 | 05 | 2023

Last Saturday, May 27th, Tecnun celebrated the ceremony of submission of Diplomas of Degree and Imposition of Birettes of the Class of 2023. A total of 190 students of Degree and 74 students of master's degree put an end to a university stage. The workshop began with a mass in the Basilica of Santa Maria at 10.30 am.

Rosalía Baena, Vice President for Students at the University of Navarra, presided over the event, along with Raúl Antón, director de TecnunFrancis Planes, Deputy Director of academic staff; Jorge Juan Gil Nobajas, Deputy Director of Students; Marta Ormazabal, deputy director of Research; Nere Gil-Negrete, deputy director of Office of Academic Affairs; and Javier Aizpún, General Manager. Rocío Nuñez, Coordinator of Studies, was in charge of introducing the students of the class of 2023.

submission After Degree, the delegates Diego Pineda and Anne Izaskun Martínez-Jorcano thanked, on behalf of all their classmates, the "solid foundation acquired" and with which they culminate a stage. 

Diego Pineda and Anne Izaskun Martínez-Jorcano, course delegates
"Now, looking back, we are very aware of how lucky we have been with all the teachers at Tecnun. Having the office door always open; doubt sessions until eight o'clock; endless email chains; the love, attention and patience when explaining; and even the occasional pintxo at cafeteria are things that we value enormously. It is undoubtedly thanks to your great work and vocation that we are here today and can feel proud of the training we have received".

Julia Díaz Martínez, student of the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence
After the presentation of the caps to the Master's students, the student of the Master in Artificial IntelligenceJulia Martinez Diazdelivered the speech on behalf of all the master's students.

"Today we celebrate that we have not been alone. People inside and outside of Tecnun have pushed us to get this far. It's time to thank our families and the entire academic staff for their tremendous support. And also to our fellow travelers, our partners. We have brought so much to each other, and even though this course is over, our collaboration and friendship can last a lifetime."

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