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Students from high school diploma of Pamplona develop an automotive project simulating the work of an engineer.

The goal of the workshop, organized by the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, is to promote interest in engineering.

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Students from high school diploma during the internship at FCOM PHOTO: Communication Service
30/10/19 08:58

Students in the 1st and 2nd years of high school diploma from different schools in Pamplona have participated in a practical workshop on Engineering, organized by the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra. Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra. "The goal of this workshop is that students learn the processes of development of a creative product and understand what an engineer does in each of the production phases", explains Mikel Arcelus, director of the Promotion service of Tecnun. Based on concepts such as the balance between what is requested, its innovation and current needs, the students have created an automotive project powered by renewable energies.   

Throughout the workshop, and divided into teams, the students took on different tasks. Those who pretended to be design Industrial and development Product engineers started by drawing the car and designing the parts that the client, in this case Professor Mikel Arcelus, had asked them to design order. The students who have assumed the profile of an Electrical, Electronic or Telecommunications engineer have developed the operation of the car, thinking about aspects such as aerodynamics, the electrical or electronic system. And the engineers in Industrial Organization have designed the production process by means of a diagram, in order to estimate and optimize the time. They have also been in charge of analyzing the incidences of the manufacturing process.

The group that simulated the work of a mechanical engineer was in charge of assembly, and the first to finish the car acted as consultants, advising their colleagues, just as an engineer dedicated to consultancy service would do. 

Finally, and with the goal to explain the profile of a Biomedical Engineer, Arcelus asked them order to make the diagnosis and the intervention that would have to be carried out in case the driver of the vehicle had an accident. "The one who designs and plans what medical equipment is needed and how the intervention has to be is the Biomedical Engineer," explains Arcelus, PhD in Industrial Engineering and professor at Tecnun. "The game makes them understand in a practical way all the branches of engineering," he concludes.

The workshop, which has been developed in the School of Communication of the campus of Pamplona of the University of Navarra, is organized every year in different cities such as Madrid, Burgos, Vitoria, Seville or Malaga.

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