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Tecnun opens the Gene Haas Center

The research laboratory, a pioneer at the state level, is the result of an agreement with this leading American company in the machine industry. tool

Photo /Institutional and academic authorities, together with some of the students who have received the scholarship Haas as well as members of the automotive team Tecnun eRacing.

30 | 11 | 2022

Tecnunthe School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, has inaugurated the Gene Haas Center Tecnun, a pioneering research laboratory at the state level, as a result of an agreement with this leading American machine manufacturer tool.

The goal of the Haas center at Tecnun, as explained by Raúl Antón, director , is to provide students, researchers and companies in the region with top-level technologies for high-precision machining: "Opening the center to companies is one of the keys to ensure that the training is multiplier for our students". It should be noted that, as a result of agreement, 22 students from the School have received scholarships from this company.

The inauguration of the center has started with a colloquium in which institutional and university authorities have reflected on the opportunities of technological innovation in Gipuzkoa. The Deputy for Economic Promotion and Strategic Projects of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Jabier Larrañaga, referred to innovation as the "means" by which young people can contribute to the prosperity and welfare of the territory: "Our industrial model rests on what we inherited from previous generations and it is our turn to leave them the same". In this sense, he pointed out that having in Gipuzkoa pioneering facilities centralized in high precision machining is one more step for the training of the territory in a fundamental area of our Economics".

For his part, the President Performer Group Haas Spain and France, Bruno Lea, emphasized Haas' commitment to Gipuzkoa as an industrial area of reference letter: "We want to be here because Gipuzkoa is possibly the cradle of the tool machine in Europe, along with Germany and Switzerland", acknowledged Lea during his speech. He also pointed out that support for Tecnun is based on trust in the University of Navarra and the conviction that "together we can create talent connected to the needs of Industry 4.0".

IESE's director General, Franz Heukamp, appealed to the binomial of innovation and sustainability in a society in which more and more companies are born digital: "Innovation means change, and innovation is a means to do, to find solutions that help us to be more sustainable.

The colloquium, chaired by the Vice President of Research and Sustainability of the University of Navarra, Paloma Grau, has also counted with the project manager of research and development+I of AFM, Leire Solabarrieta

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