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The academic year begins at the University with 8,900 students from Degree

More than 2,300 new students have enrolled, an international 29.1%.

FotoManuelCastells/Alumnos de la School de Medicina, who started on August 30 the welcome conference .

31 | 08 | 2021

More than 8,900 students from Degree begin the academic year on September 1 at the University of Navarra, at campus in Pamplona and San Sebastián. Since August 30, the conference Welcome to the first year students, who number more than 2,300, have been held.

Although the process is still open, so far 2,341 new students have enrolled, which represents an increase of 79 students over the previous year. Of these, 636 are from Navarre, 27.1% of the total student body, and the number of international students issue amounts to 682, 29.1% of the total. Mexico, the United States, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and the Philippines are the countries with the highest number of students.

The University of Navarra is committed to face-to-face teaching, as it did last year, always with flexibility to adapt to the evolution of the pandemic and always following the indications of the health authorities. It will continue to offer remote teaching to students who cannot go to class for health reasons -positive terminations or close contacts- or due to delays in arrival from other countries.

goal With the aim of guaranteeing a safe start to the school year with maximum attendance, the academic center has established several measures. Among them, the voluntary vaccination of those students who have not been immunized or have one pending guideline. The Government of Navarra has authorized the administration and it will manage the inoculation of students, which will begin on Friday the 3rd at the Simulation Center of the School of Medicine.

order Likewise, in order to know the incidence of the pandemic among students, the University has asked them to voluntarily report their vaccination status and also offers the possibility for students to undergo a freetest PCR for a safer incorporation to campus . Likewise, measures will be maintained for the cleaning of spaces, mandatory use of masks indoors, as well as outdoors when the interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters is not guaranteed, capacity limitation, etc.

12,700 students at Degrees, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Among the academic novelties of this academic year are the Degree in Applied Management/ Bachelor in Applied Management, the Diploma of Education International IB, which complements the Degrees of Education Infant and Primary, and the Palliative Care and Psychology of Care for Nursing students.

In total, the University of Navarra is offering this year 37 Degrees, 40 master's degrees and 19 doctorates, in which more than 12,700 students are expected to be enrolled. The new master's programs offered include the Master's in Technological Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, from the School of Engineering, the Master in Real Estate Strategy and Business / Master in Real Estate, from the School of Engineering, and the Master's in Digital Law, from the University of Navarra. School of Architectureand the Master in Digital Law, from the School Law School, which will be offered at campus in Madrid.

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