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The Library houses the collection of basic and research literature specialising in Engineering (Industrial Technologies, Mechanics, Industrial Design and Product Development, Materials, Industrial Organisation, Industrial Automation and Electronics, Telecommunications, Biomedicine and Sciences), Applied Physics and Environment.


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electronic journal titles
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full-text e-books
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classical music CD-ROM
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Request for documents

Teachers, researchers, students and staff from Tecnun can request books and journals not in the Library' s collection for purchase or request through the Interlibrary Loan service.




Aceprensa. (NOTE: Cannot be accessed from outside the Campus). Journalistic agency specialising in the analysis of basic trends in society, currents of thought and lifestyles. With an international focus, it pays particular attention to changes in areas such as culture, family, work, religion, ideologies, bioethics, education, social and demographic trends.

AENORmás (On trial until April 30). Portal that provides access to the full text of all UNE standards developed and adopted by AENOR, including ratified and annulled standards.

eLibro (formerly Ebrary). Digital platform of eBooks in Spanish (books, journals, research) of all academic disciplines. It includes work tools to encourage study and research: online reading, downloads, personal bookshelves, copies and printouts, annotations, underlining, bibliographic references, summary mode, reading aloud, translation into several languages, etc.

IEEE Xplore. Search the publications published by the IEEE and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Societies. Full-text access to more than 2 million documents from:

  • Abstracts and full text of journal articles published since 1988, as well as table of contents since 1893.
  • Proceedings of IEEE and IET conferences.
  • Standards.

Oxford Journals. Electronic journals portal containing more than 170 full-text journals published by Oxford University Press.

Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). Subject division of the electronic journals published by Cambridge University Press (from 1996 to 2003).

Emerald Fulltex. Electronic collection of journals published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited which includes over 120 journals. Provides full text of articles from 1994 to the present and abstracts of articles since 1989.

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). Video collections dedicated to teaching basic laboratory techniques (see guide). 

  • Education (JoVE Education). It includes JoVE Core (basic concepts in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology and social psychology), JoVE Lab Manual (laboratory practices in biology and chemistry) and JoVE Science Education (very basic and easy-to-understand laboratory methods and practices in basic and advanced biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, physics, psychology and clinical practice).

Science Direct. Allows searching and full access to the Elsevier Science journal collection.

Wiley Interscience. Access to more than 400 scientific journals. Allows you to download full-text articles via Search Wiley Interscience.

Scopus. Database of the publisher Elsevier, with a multidisciplinary content, offers references to more than 20,000 publications and conference proceedings, updated weekly. Like the Web of Science database, it also provides data on number of citations received and H-index.

Web of Science. Platform that integrates various databases and tools that allow the analysis and evaluation of the situation, evolution and impact of research activities in the different fields of scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge.

SabiSabi: Financial database of the main Spanish companies, including detailed historical annual accounts, financial ratios, own and subsidiaries for many of them. Consolidated accounts for 600 companies are also available. Also offers access to sectoral reports.(User guide)

Springer Link. It provides full-text access to more than 480 Springer-Verlag journal titles, along with works from other major publishers such as Urban and Vogel, Steinkopffy Birkhäuser and since February 2005 with the German publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP). It offers more than 500 full-text journals and more than 2,000 online books.

SAGE Publications. Allows full access to over 400 journal titles. Provides alerts for tables of contents, search, citations, etc.

OrbisOrbis: Database containing detailed information on a large number of companies from all over the world, on different aspects: financial, indicators and ratings, managers and contacts. It allows you to search for each company individually, as well as to find profiles of specific companies and to analyse them in order to carry out financial analyses, detect trends, create graphs with the data, create comparison groups, carry out market studies... It also contains stock market data, patents, market research, etc.(User guide)

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). Database containing scientific and academic journals of proven quality that allow free access to their full text. It is multidisciplinary and multilingual. It currently contains 1,549 journals. Of these 390 are searchable at article level.



Access for former students

All engineers may continue to use the Library to consult its collections. In order to borrow a work, you must belong to the Colegio de Ingenieros Vasco-Navarro, or be a member of the Alumni Association of the University of Navarra.


List by subject

001.- Tribology

002.- Thermal engines

003.- Mechanical technology

004.- Robotics

Industrial heating and cooling

006.- Concrete

007.- Metallic structures

Construction and architecture

010.- Calculation and construction of machines

011.- Strength of materials - elasticity

Theory of Structures .

013.- Energy

014.- Kinematics and dynamics of machines

015.- Vehicles

016.- Continuum mechanics

017.- Gears and transmissions

Computational mechanics

Mechanical engineering

020.- Fluid mechanics

021.- Experimental Mechanics

022.- Industrial design

001.- Computer methods

Operating systems

003.- Computer applications

004.- Artificial Intelligence

005.- Languages

006.- Integration of information

007.- Computer graphics

008.- Informatics

010.- Computers

001.- Environment

002.- Ecology

Environmental management

004.- Atmospheric and industrial pollution

005.- Water pollution

001.- Physical chemistry

Instrumental methods

Chemical thermodynamics

004.- Chemistry

005.- Chemical technology and process engineering

006.- Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

008.- Engineering of chemical reactions

Analytical chemistry

001.- Physics

002.- Astronomy

003.- Acoustics - vibrations

Nuclear physics

005.- Optics

006.- Solid state


008.- Mechanics

Physical thermodynamics

001.- Topography

002.- Descriptive geometry

003.- Technical drawing

001.- Culture and sport

001.- Music

001.- Biology - Geology

001.- Spanish standard

002.- DIN Standards

ISO Standards

004.- General rules

ASTM Standards

006.- Project standards

001.- Narrative

002.- History of literature

003.- Biographies

004.- Theatre

005.- Lyric

006.- English language

007.- French language

008.- German language

009.- Basque language - euskera

001.- Language and graphic and oral expression

001.- Pedagogy

001.- Philosophy

002.- Sociology - cultural anthropology

003.- Ethics and moral theology

Philosophy of science

001.- Plastic arts

002.- Cinema - photography

003.- Culinary art - gastronomy

001.- History

002.- History of the Basque Country

004.- History of science and technology

001.- Manuals

002.- University - employment

006.- Encyclopaedias

008.- Dictionaries

009.- Atlas

001.- Extractive metallurgy


003.- Oxidation, corrosion and electrochemistry

004.- Polymers

005.- Industrial processes (metals)

Mechanical properties

007.- Observation and analysis techniques

008.- Ceramics and glass

009.- Phase transformations and treatments

010.- Crystallography, defects and structures

011.- Physico-chemical thermo. of solids and diffusion

012.- Materials

12-A.- STP

013.- Metals

014.- Electrical properties

015.- Powder Metallurgy

001.- Algebra and geometry

Numerical analysis

Queues and inventories

004.- Stochastic processes

Analysis and calculation

006.- Graphs, networks and combinatorics

007.- Topology


009.- Systems

Differential equations

011.- Operational research

Mathematical programming

013.- Complex variable

014.- Decision and games


016.- Probabilities and statistics

002.- Automation and control 

003.- Instrumentation

004.- Electrical machines

005.- Microelectronics

006.- Circuit theory

007.- Electronics

008.- Power electronics

Analogue electronics

010.- Digital electronics - microprocessors

011.- Electrical engineering - measurements

012.- Power systems

001.- Production

002.- Business administration and management

003.- Accounting

004.- Quality

005.- Marketing

006.- Economy

Human resources

Industrial organisation

Health and Safety at Work

010.- Ethics

001.- Theology

001.- Librarianship and documentation

001.- Communication theory and systems

002.- Telecommunication services

003.- Telematics and data networks

004.- Optoelectronics and optical communications

Signal processing

006.- Communications electronics

007.- Circuits and Signal Theory

008.- Manufacturing and construction technology of components equipment and networks

009.- Electromagnetic theory and radiation

010.- Telecommunications

001.- BioMEMs (Biological Microsystems)

002.- Biomaterials

003.- Biomechanics

004.- Computational biology

005.- Biology

006.- Bioengineering

001.- Video

002.- Cinematographic films

003.- Musical films