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Doctoral theses

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


archive of Doctoral Studies of Tecnun


The doctorate is the highest university degree program , which aims to train researchers of excellence. Tecnun offers the doctoral program at Applied Engineering.

The theses defended since 1972 are listed below. Also included is the link to the full text of the theses available in Dadun, in open access.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Curso 2022-2023

2022-2023 academic year

Aplicaciones anidadas

Borja Lizarribar-nuevo

Borja Lizarribar
Lizarribar Carrillo


Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimisation of electrical machines


Iñigo Martínez nuevo

Iñigo Martínez
Martínez López


Diffeomorphic Transformations for Time Series Analysis: An Efficient Approach to Nonlinear Warping


Ailyn Estévez nuevo

Ailyn Estevez


RF smart tags for wireless liquid/gas sensing and stop-band electromagnetic filtering

Aplicaciones anidadas

Francesco Balzerani nuevo



Enzyme promiscuity approaches to predict metabolic pathways in the human gut microbiota


Maria Bikuña Izagirre nuevo

Maria Bikuña 


Morphological and mechanical modulation of electrospun polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering applications


Irati Mendia Garcia nuevo

Mendia Garcia


Bidaiari-trenen esekidura pneumatikoaren karakterizazio eta modelizazio dinamikoa.


Aplicaciones anidadas

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos
Ramirez Marquez


Multi-asset configurable monitoring system for freight wagons through acceleration monitoring for digital brake test and suspension spring monitoring


From Villar Rosety


Low-complexity analog linear coding schemes for transmitting ARMA sources


Jon Zabalo


designThe development, manufacture, characterization and validation of an integrated and modular platform for the amplification of specific DNA sequences by PCR based on digital microfluidic devices.


Aplicaciones anidadas


Hlukhov Yatsenko


Analysis of the performance of DAF tanks with and without lamellae through hydrodynamic modeling using CFD techniques.


Aplicaciones anidadas

María de los Ángeles

Maria de los Angeles
Gimeno Combarro


Interpretable Precision Medicine for Acute Myeloid Leukemia


yaiza montaña

Yaiza Montaña


Effect of microalloying and residual elements on hot ductility and ultrafine grain size development by warm caliber rolling of microalloyed steels.


Aplicaciones anidadas

Ibon Erdozain Ibarra

Ibon Erdozain Ibarra
Erdozain Ibarra


Development of Wayside monitoring systems for condition based maintenance in railway vehicles

Aplicaciones anidadas

Jesús Paredes Puente

Jesus Paredes Puente
Bridge Walls


Design and analysis of stator oil-flooded cooling systems for electrical machines in aircraft applications


Paul Zabalegui Landa

Zabalegui Landa


An enhanced Integrity multisensor fusion for reliable seamless navigation


Aplicaciones anidadas

Naroa Gimenez Camino

Gimenez Camino


Synergistic effect of novel HDAC inhibitors with chemotherapy drugs in acute myeloid leukemia



Olatz Iparraguirre Gil

Iparraguirre Gil


Computer Vision and Deep Learning based road monitoring towards a Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility



Daniel Talán Echarri

Daniel Talán


Diamond photonic devices for metrology and spectroscopy applications

Aplicaciones anidadas

John Anderson Rincón Moreno

John Anderson Rincón Moreno


A transition management methodological framework towards an industrial symbiosis within a circular economy


Unai Galech Napal

Unai Galech Napal
Unai Galech


Near net shape HIP (NNS-HIP) process optimization for nickel-base superalloys for aerospace applications

Itxaro Errandonea Aranibar

Itxaro Errandonea Aranibar


Digital twins in maintenance: a use case applied to railway infrastructure

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aitor Erenchun Etxeburua

Erenchun Etxeburua


Magnetorheological elastomers in elevator application context

Aplicaciones anidadas


Fernando Ruiz Perez
model maturity of the implementation of purpose and its impact on corporate sustainability
Full text in Dadun

Andoni Medina Murua
Development framework for a racing-oriented torque vectoring algorithm
Full text in Dadun

rule Camila Vesga Castro
In vitro human skeletal muscle platforms for the evaluation of functional outcomes

Alejandro San Blas García
Femtosecond laser processing for controlled generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures: applications in photonics
Full text in Dadun

Markel Alaña Olivares
Design, modeling and characterization of lattice structures for orthopedic implant applications
Full text in Dadun

Elisa Sal Broco
Self-passivating W-Cr-Y alloys as plasma-facing materials: effect of Zr addition on fusion relevant properties; study of hydrogen retention, neutron irradiation and oining feasibility to steel
Full text in Dadun

Luis Vitores Valcárcel García
Novel Systems biology tools for the identification of biomarkers and drug targets in cancer research
Full text in Dadun

Irati Zurutuza Renom
Evaluation of the synergistic effect of MO and Nb in high-strength boron steels for quenching and tempering
Full text in Dadun

Andrés Fernando Amarillo
Trajectory planning for a cooperative robot of attendance surgical robot, applied to spine procedures with electromechanical tracking. 

Juan Ferrer-Bonsom
Satistical, functional, upstream, and downstream analysis of Alternative Splicing
Full text in Dadun

Sergio Sánchez Martín
Development of a thin film growth system to produce nanostructures through laser interference
Full text in Dadun

Cinta Lomba
guide Governance of Urban Critical Infrastructures for Resilient Municipalities in the context of Climate Change.
Full text in Dadun

Tomás Soria Biurrun
Sintering and mechanical properties of cemented carbides based on tungsten carbide and multicomponent metallic alloys

Josu Etxezarreta
Decoherence and Quantum Error Correction for Quantum Computing and Communications
Full text in Dadun

Patricio Fuentes
Error correction for reliable quantum computing
Full text in Dadun

Gabriela Sarriegui
Grain growth study in Nd-Fe-B powders obtained by gas atomization
Full text in Dadun

Borja Rodriguez de Arana
New developments for the prediction of cracks in railway rails due to fatigue of contact by rolling.  

framework Boronat
confidential thesis

Santiago Figueroa
Towards decentralized and scalable architectures for access control systems for iiot scenarios
Full text in Dadun

Juan Francisco Carias
Cyber Resilience Operationalization Framework (CR-OF) for SMEs
Full text in Dadun

Itsaso Artetxe
Study of the voltage distortion measured in the magnetic excitation coil for the development of new non-destructive techniques.

Ignacio Formoso
Experimental Study of the Meltblowing Process for Adhesive Applications

Imanol Granada Echeverria
Rate Compatible Joint Source-Channel Coding for Point-to-Point and Multiple Access Channels
Full text in Dadun

Fermin Rodriguez Lalanne
Renewable generation and load demand forecasting tools based on artificial intelligence to improve smart grids control

Ramón Bultó López
proposal of adaptation of the serial production system to the production scale-up phase of a new model in the automotive sector.
Full text in Dadun

Julen Azcona Iribar
Monolithic integration of volume diffraction gratings fabricated with the femtosecond laser

Axier Ugartemendia Etxarri
Development of an upper limb tele-rehabilitation tele-rehabilitation home robotic device for post-stroke patients

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Thermodynamic and Experimental Investigation of the Mn-Ni-B system as a Master Alloy for Obtaining High-Performance PM steels
Full text in Dadun

Julio Alberto Ortega Calderón
Design and Performance Analysis of a new Catheter for Liver Radioembolization.

Beñat Elduayen Echave
New mass-based population balance model including shear rate effects: application to struvite recovery
Full text in Dadun

Kiara Ottogalli Fernandez
Flexible Framework to Model Industry 4.0 Tasks for Process-Oriented Virtual Simulators Involving Automation and Smart Robots
Full text in Dadun

Goiuri Peralta Artetxe
Enhancement of Fog and Cloud based IIoT Architectures: Reduction of energy consumption, storage cost, and download time in distributed fog and cloud computing schemes

Yaiza Tejido Núñez
Microalgae-based wastewater treatment processes: Implementation in aquaculture sector and WWTP
Full text in Dadun

Mikel Santiago Behobide
Cancerous and non-cancerous lung extracellular matrix: from a microstructure-mechanical property study to the development of a 3D Platform to unravel cell-ECM interactions
Full text in Dadun

Desmond Kehinde Moru
Improving the optical set-up pipeline of a 2D metrology system
Full text in Dadun

Gorka de Miguel Aramburu
Multi-Sensor Fusion for Seamless Navigation in Railway Domain
Full text in Dadun

Marta Iturriza Mendia
A framework for city stakeholders climate change awareness-development process

Kenny Lynn Alvarez 03/07/2020 Novel amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe-based soft magnetic powders produced by gas atomisation
Full text in Dadun

Borja Elguezabal Lazcano
Simulation of hot isostatic pressing process by finite element modeling

Chuan Cao
Development of A Low-Cost Wearable Prevention System for MSDs Using IMU Systems and Electrically Conductive Materials via Additive Manufacturing
Full text in Dadun

Leire Francés Morcillo
How can we co-design wearables? A user-centred methodolology to co-design and co-evaluate wearables

Iñigo Apaolaza Emparanza
Novel Constraint-Based modeling approaches for the identification of metabolic drug targets in cancer
Full text in Dadun

David Pazos Izaguirre
Optimization of ODS ferritic steels using the STARS powder metallurgical route for nuclear fusion applications.

Wilmer Euclides Cumbicus
Analysis and development of thread geometries of self-tapping screws for polymers used in the automotive industry.

Natalia Carolina Rudeli
Construction projects: Determination of main causes of delay and development of statistical models for improvement.

Leire Garcia Sesma
Control of the precipitation sequence to reduce the dispersion in mechanical properties of microalloyed steels with high Ti contents.

Unai Mayo Ijurra
Impact of Intercritical deformation on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties in low carbon steels

Jon Zubizarreta Gorostidi
Monocular visual perception techniques for augmented reality and mobile robotics applications in industry Full text in Dadun

Chun Lu
Railway infrastructure fatigue damage prediction using a multiaxial fatigue criterion
Full text in Dadun

Carlota Soto Sánchez
"Development of a SiC-based material for Flow Channel Inserts in high-temperature DCLL blankets".

Maria Anguiano Salcedo
3D lung cancer cell migration and extracellular matrix remodeling within microfluidic devices
Full text in Dadun

María Carmen Taboada Legaza
Advanced high strength bainitic matrix steels: Study of phase transformation and relationships between processing, microstructure and mechanical properties.
Full text in Dadun

María belén López Ezquerra
Synthesis and thermomechanical properties of cemented carbides for high temperature applications. 

Patricia Maraña Casado
A framework for public private people partnership in the city resilience building process 

Garikoitz Artola Beobide
Susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels: behavior in marine environments and modeling of cracking patterns
Full text in Dadun

Oihane Mitxelena Iribarren
Microfluidic platforms for the validation of new targeted therapies for personalised medicine against osteosarcoma
Full text in Dadun

Imanol Tubia Antillera
Development of spoilage yeasts detection biodevices by means of impedance spectroscopy analysis for alcoholic beverage industry
Full text in Dadun

Andrés Felipe Muñoz Villamizar
model to integrate and improve productive and environmental efficiency in organizations. 

Tugce Akyazi
Fabrication and Integration of Smart Materials for Flow Control in Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices. 

Juan Pablo Romero Riojas
Bioinformatical Analysis of Alternative Splicing
Full text in Dadun

Cristina Bilbao Varela
Sintering and dilatometry of powder metallurgical steels for buffer parts.
Full text in Dadun

Lorena Sanz Vilariño
Microstructure-mechanical properties relationship in Nb-Ti microalloyed steels and development of a tool for crystallographic reconstruction of austenite from martensitic microstructures. 

Fernando Accini Moran
Breakthrough Detection and Bone Health Awareness during Drilling Procedures. 

Itziar Sánchez Apezetxea
development Of a new methodology for the prediction of railway wheel wear. 

Gorka Larzabal Primo
Effect of rolling parameters and induction heat post-treatment on the improvement of mechanical properties of microalloyed steels.
Full text in Dadun

Amaia Jimenez Zabaleta
Modeling of lateral vibrations of leave frequency in drilling processes.
Full text in Dadun

Esther Jorge Arranz
New developments for vibroacoustic analysis of systems using SEA techniques. 

Gurutz Artetxe Ballejo
design and analysis of reluctance synchronous machines as a replacement for rare earth magnet machines for leave speed applications. 

Miguel Martínez Calderón
Ultrafast laser micro/nano fabrication of advanced material surfaces. 

Itziar Fraile Santamaría
development of functional coatings based on inkjet printable inks. 

Ander Martín Villate
Characterization and analysis of current switching in high frequency power converters based on Wide-BandGap devices (SiC and GaN). Comparison of Losses and Study of the Influence of Parasitic Impedances in the power stage.

Fernando Veiga Suárez
development of analytical thermal models for temperature prediction in friction and orthogonal shear processes.

Jaione Ollo Loinaz
development of ceramic microfiltration membranes by low-cost processing for water treatment.

Lexuri Vazquez Martinez
Porous materials based on blends of ceramic fibers and powders for refractory applications.

Jon Goya Odriozola
Design, Implementation and validation of a simulation platform for the performance analysis of on-board location systems in Railway.

Ane Larrañaga Otegui
Interaction of Boron with other elemnts during austenite conditioning and phase transformation

Sofia Teixeira Coutinho
Optimization of stripping time in vertical self-compacting concrete parts: development methodology and experimental study
Full text in Dadun

Daniel Astigarraga Trespaderne
Design and implementation of a prognostic and health monitoring system for the power electronics converter of a FEV powertrain
Full text in Dadun

Daniel Andrés Jurburg Melnik
Continuous Improvement Acceptance Model (CIAM): Towards understanding employee participation
Full text in Dadun

Aritz Alonso Domingo
Design of efficient viterbi decoders for communication transceivers. IEEE 802.11a case study
Full text in Dadun

Borja Iñaki Iraola Sáenz
Simulation of the mechanical behavior of wood in structural joints and its application by means of three-dimensional finite element models.
Full text in Dadun

Damián Caballero González
Calculation and design of railway traction electric motors. Comparison of induction and permanent magnet machines.
Full text in Dadun

Javier Cortés Cameros
Development of a processing route based on the hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of INCONEL® 718 Gas atomised powders for the optimisation of its mechanical properties
Full text in Dadun

Tamara Fernández Arévalo
New heat transfer and operating cost models for the plant-wide simulations of full-scale WWTPs
Full text in Dadun

Sergio Ruiz de Galarreta Moriones
Influence of the local curvature on the abdominal aortic aneurysm abdominal wall stress and new methodologies for manufacturing realistic phantoms
Full text in Dadun

Jorge Aramburu Montenegro
Liver radioembolization: Computational particle-hemodynamics studies in a patient-specific hepatic artery under literature-based cancer scenarios
Full text in Dadun

Aitor Lasaosa Beguiristáin
Study and development of methodologies to characterize residual stress profiles, induction hardened layers and grinding burns by non-destructive Barkhausen magnetic emission techniques in components subjected to fatigue. 

framework Satrústegui de Legarra
Thermal and hydraulic design of water-based cooling systems for electrical machines
Full text in Dadun

Jon Perez Arbulu
Compression molding of NdFeb base powder produced by gas atomization.
Full text in Dadun

Ane Miren Flórez Tapia
Analysis of the driving modes of a Trans-qZSI converter. Characterization, modeling and comparative study of bidirectional topology. design and experimental validation.

Lara María Erviti Calvo
Feasibility analysis and development of methodology for the application of subspace identification methods to the modal analysis of rail vehicles in circulation.
Full text in Dadun

Aida Milagrosa Calvo Alonso
development of self-passivating Wolfram alloys W-Cr-Ti and W-Cr-Y for application in the first wall of a future nuclear fusion reactor (DEMO). 

David del Río Orduña
Design of a Millimeter-Wave Wideband and high linearity integrated SiGe BiCMOS transmitter for multi-Gbps Point-to-Point Communications.

Antonio Días Ponte
Ultrafast laser inscription of Volume diffraction gratings in glass.

Marta de Zárraga Rodríguez
Toeplitz matrices in coding applications 

Ainhoa Rezola Garciandía
Design and implementation of I/Q imbalance compensation methods in UWB multi-Gbps transmitters for Point-to-Point communications. 

Raquel Giménez Duque
Building city resilience through collaboration
Full text in Dadun

Leonardo Jesus Valdivia Parga
SDK for designing and testing of safety and security mechanisms in railway applications systems.

Asier Bergara Arregui
Fatigue crack propagation using the extended finite element method (XFEM) 


"Design of an IR-UWB ragning system for the IEEE 802.15.4a Standard".

"Design and Analysis of Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Winding Multiphase Fault-Tolerant Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines".

Dra. ÁNGELA VEIGA DE LA source (20/02/2015)
"Development of high performance nickel or boron PM steels respectively obtained after solid state and liquid phase sintering".

"Development and optimization of nanostructure-based ZnO conductometric sensors for indoor air quality control system".

Dr. ALBA GARIN MUGA (23/03/2015)
"Improving the process of diffusion tensor image analysis for the study of brain disorders".

"Analysis and optimization of the Cu-C interface in copper matrix composites reinforced with carbon nanotubes and nanofibres".

Dr. IBAI LEIZEA ALONSO (27/03/2015)
"Development and improvement of optical tracking methods towards registering the deformations of 3D non-rigid bodies in Real Time for Augmented Reality Applications".

"Evaluation of a Nebulization Technique for Surfactant Administration in the Neonatal Population. Establishment of the Paulas."

"Modeling of natural convection cooling of subway transformer substations".

"Direct sintered new wáter atomised High Speed Steel grades designed through computational thermodynamics".

"Phase transformations in Nb and V microalloyed low C steels".

"Digitisation and analysis of skin surfaces for the automated diagnosis of allergic reactions".

"design of algorithms for the optimization of energy management in microgrids".

Dr. IKER PORRAS ARTEAGA (23/07/2015).
"Methodology of design and criteria for loading systems without contact simple and matrix inductive".

"Model based development of advanced mathematical tolos for optimising the operation of WWTPs".

"Experimental study and simulation of the production process of metal powders by gas atomisation".

Dr. MIKEL GOMEZ ARANZADI (31/01/2014).
"design, fabrication and characterization of embedded microstructures in microfluidic systems for the improvement of surface-analyte interaction in planar biosensors".

"Fully Autonomous Wireless temperature sensor for human monitoring in 2.35µ CMOS Technology".

Dr. PATRICIA LOPEZ RUIZ (28/02/2014).
"development of self-passivating tungsten alloys for application in future nuclear fusion reactors".

"Different routes for the development of microstructures suitable for spheroidisation in a low-alloy medium carbon steel".

"Design of a low power and low voltage time to digital converter for passive RFID sensor lags".

Dr. ELENA MEABE PINEDO (14/03/2014).
"Study of BRM Processes and development of a fouling monitoring tool ".

Dr. IKER MESA HELGUERA (14/03/2014)
"Design and development of applications based on electromyographic signals: Finger tapping recognition, hand-movement recognition and preterm birth prediction".

"Anaerobic co-digestion of WWTP sludge with organic wastes of different nature. Combination of experimental techniques and mathematical tools".

"Prediction of critical damage in silicon wafers during rapid thermal processing".

"Modeling and numerical-experimental analysis of axial-perforated plate interaction in electronic systems".

"Development of a general purpose cooperative shared-control robot assistant for performance of surgical procedures involving bone machining".

Dr. ANDER ARAMBURU SISO (20/06/2014)
"Survival analysis using clinical and genetic data for non small cell lung cancer prognosis".

"Radiofrequency-Based indoor location systems for ambient assisted living applications".

Dr. RINA DEWI RUDYANTO (04/07/2014)
"Radiological characterization of lung remodeling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease".

Dr. MAYKEL ALONSO ARCE (11/07/2014).
"Infrastructure for the development of intelligent measurement systems based on the protocol wM-Bus".

"Multiparametric analysis for real-time monitoring of bacterial biofilms using biosensors based on thin film techniques".

Dr. MASOOD FATHI (19/09/2014)
"Assembly line optimization: Balancing and part feeding".

"Analog joint source-channel coding in several communication scenarios".

Dr. FELIX CASADO ANDRES (31/10/2014)
"Reconfigurable antennas for reliable communications in industrial environments".

Dr. MOHAN PASUPATHY (10/31/2014).
"Study of physical, chemical and micro structural characteristics of metallic powders with the parameters of water atomization process".

"Development of a new methodology for the analysis of structure-borne vibration in railway vehicles".

Dr. KAMI PARS BENLI (14/112014)
"Analytic and numerical description of low frequency inductive coupling used for near field communication earth field nuclear magnetic resonance".

Dr. ANA LAUGE EIZAGUIRRE (18/11/2014).
"Crisis Management Toolbox: the relevant role of Critical infrastructures and their dependencies".

"development of ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) ceramic membranes for wastewater treatment".

"Relevant factors in the implementation of open innovation practices: Application to the case of SMEs in the automotive sector".

Dr. LANDER ROJO ESTEBAN (28/11/2014).
"New generation of thin film based electrochemical sensors for the measurement of CO2 concentration in natural gas pipelines".

"Thermal calculation methodology and criteria of design for electrical machines with open cooling systems".

Dr. JOSU BILBAO UGALDE (05/12/2014)
"Network coding based mechanisms for reliable communications and high QoS in shared resource networks".

"Development of a vehicle-track interaction model for mid-and high-frequency problems. Application to wheel-rail- noise".

Dr. ION ANDREU ARZUAGA (11/12/2014)
"Extracellular matrix micromechanical properties for healthy and pathological hearts and the effects on iPS driven cardiomyocyte forces".

Dr. PABLO CIAURRIZ MAÑU (12/12/2014).
"Haplically-coupled devices. Stability analysis and application to drive-by-wire systems".

"A modeling based design of a thermal management system for a high power lithium-ion battery pack".

"Design, fabrication and optimization of a multifunctional microfluidic platform for single-cell analyses".

Dr. IÑAKI ORTEGO ISASA (16/12/2014)
"Characterization and Optimization of Wireless Links for implanted Applications and inkjet Printing Technology Feasibility Study".

Dr. TOBIAS ZÜHLKE (16/12/2014)

"Thermomechanical and microstructural properties of ZnCuTi under different deformation conditions".

"Fabrication of dense layer porous silicon carbide for application in channel insulating inserts for future fusion reactors".

"Sintering and microstructural characteristics of cermets based on titanium carbonitride-carbides with chromium additions".

"development of sintered metal based friction materials for applications in wind industry brakes".

Dr. Telecommunications Engineer ANDONI BERIAIN RODRÍGUEZ (18-01-13)
"Design of a low-power and low-voltage sensor interface for passive RFID pressure sensors". 

Dr. Computer Engineer YAIZA VÉLAZ CAMACHO (31-01-11)
"Influence of the interaction technology on the usability of a virtual training system and its effectiveness in teaching procedural assembly tasks". 

Dr. Industrial Engineer CLAUDIA CHACKELSON LURNER (25-02-13)
"Methodology of design of warehouses: phases, tools and best practices".

Dr. Industrial Engineer NAIARA GONZÁLEZ CÍA (01-03-13)
"Evolution of the macroscopic, microstructural and crsitalographic state during hot forming of resulfurized steels".

Dr. Engineer Chemistry LAIDA OTAEGI AMEZTEGUI (01-03-13)
"development of subject SOFC tubular metal supported fuel cells".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer ALVARO JORGE PEÑAS (15-03-13)
"Development and validation of computational tools for semi-3D traction force microscopy".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer XABIER OREGUI BIAIN (18-03-13)
"design, implementation and validation of a multi-provider platform for cloud infrastructure management".

Dr. Industrial Engineer ANE MAIDER ALTUNA ZUGASTI (22-03-13)
"Experimental, numerical and mechanical-analytical analysis of a bonding system for Structures monolayer".

Dr. Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics SERGIO BELTRÁN CLAFF (22-03-13)
"Optimisation of WWTP operation by means of advanced tools based on mathematical modelling. Application to the Galindo WWTP". 

Dr. Electronic Engineer TXABER TAVERA BAHILLO (25-04-13)
"Development of fabrication processes of sub-micrometric periodic structures based on laser interference techniques".

Dr. Industrial Engineer JORGE JIMÉNEZ PÉREZ (26-04-13)
"design of miniaturized synchronous linear motors for automatic door drives".

Dr. Telecommunications Engineer MARTA TURRILLAS GONZÁLEZ (31-05-13)
"Design of Area and Power Efficient FFT Pipeline Algorithms for OFDM Systems".

Dr. Industrial Organisation Engineer SANDRA MARTÍNEZ MIGUÉLEZ (07-06-13)
"Framework for Configuring Production and Logistics Networks of SMEs and SBUs within an Internationalization Process". 

Dr. Engineer Chemistry ANA ZUZUARREGUI OLASAGASTI (20-06-13)
"development of an endotoxin detection system based on the optimization and implementation of a biofunctionalization protocol on a specific design electrochemical biosensor".

Dr. Mechanical Engineer ILARIA PASCIUTO (27-06-13)
"A hybrid method based on a motion database and motion knowledge for the dynamic prediction of task-oriented human motion".

Dr. Industrial Engineer MIGUEL AIZPUN NAVARRO (27-06-13)
"A new parameter identification methodology for railway vehicle models based on stationary test results". 

Dr. Industrial Engineer IÑAKI MERIDEÑO LABAYEN (01-07-13)
"Vibro-acoustic characterization of railway wheels: Application to sandwich-type constrained layer damping solutions".

Dr. Telecommunications Engineer ALEXANDER ARRIOLA MARTIARENA (02-07-13)
"Towards compact fully integrated sensors based on plasmonic resonance". 

 Dr. Telecommunication Engineer KOLDO TOMASENA ARRIAGA (12-07-13)
"A methodology and framework to assist in the architecture design and functional verification of complex electronics systems".

Dr. Industrial Engineer ALBERTO REZOLA URQUÍA (16-07-13)
"A novel systems biology framework to contextualize metabolic processes using elementary flux modes and gene expression data".

Dr. Industrial Engineer LEIRE LABAKA ZUBIETA (07-22-13)
"Resilience framework for critical infrastructures".

Dr. Industrial Engineer LUIS PAIPA (24-07-13)
"design y Validación de un Nuevo Programa para Impulsar la Mejora Continua desde el approach Científico de las 5Ss".

Dr. in Chemical Sciences CARMEN LUNO-BILBAO CUADRA (09-03-12)

"New powder metallurgical binders for sintered composite materials, diamond-metal matrix, obtained by different alloying strategies applied to Fe-Co-Cu pre-alloyed powders".

Dr. Industrial Engineer AITOR ZURUTUZA SANTA CRUZ (16-03-12)
"development of steel components for joining large pipes for offshore applications".

Dr. in Chemical Sciences NATALIA MIÑO CANO (19-04-12)
"development of metallic supports and study of the microstructural evolution of the anode for solid electrolyte fuel cells (SOFC)".

Dr. Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics AINARA BILBAO ERAÑA (20-04-12)
"New device integration methodology for CAN-based systems applied to vehicle Username interfaces".

Dr. Engineer in Industrial Automation and Electronics JOSÉ SEBASTIÁN GUTIÉRREZ CALDERÓN (23-04-12)
"Study and simulation of imperfections in the insulation of high voltage insulated electric cables".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer JON MENDIZABAL SAMPER (27-04-12)
"Methodology and tools for the design and verification of SIL4 SW based on MDD".

Dr. Industrial Engineer EDUARDO MARTÍNEZ GALVÁN (08-05-12)
"Experimental study of the cooling of electronic components by Spray Cooling using R134a".

Dr. in Chemical Sciences ANDREA URREJOLA FRESNO (05-18-12)
"Study of oxidation of different metallic materials for their application as support in SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) stacks".

Dr. Industrial Engineer IVÁN REBOLLO PIMENTEL (28-05-12)
"A Front-End for Passive and Semi-passive UHF RFID Sensor Node: Design and Characterization".

Dr. Industrial Engineer MARIA LUZ PENALVA OSCOZ (05-06-12)
"Deterioration of the tool hard turning and influence on the surface finish and geometric accuracy of the part".

Dr. Chemical Engineer JON ALBIZURI IZAGUIRRE (22-06-12)
"Modeling and simulation of moving bed process behaviors for nutrient removal from urban wastewater".

Dr. Materials Engineer NATALIA REMÍREZ DE ESPARZA OTERO (22-06-12)
"Microstructure and oxidation resistance of porous materials based on ceramic fibers consolidated by CVD and SOL-GEL techniques".

Dr. Industrial Engineer RODRIGO ROMERO SILVA (22-06-12)
"Methodology for the identification of production environment and schedule constraints in the scheduling task of a manufacturing plant". 

Dr. Telecommunications Engineer MIKEL HERNÁEZ ARRAZOLA (25-06-12)
"Joint network-channel coding schemes for relay networks".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer AITOR JUANICORENA UCEDA (28-06-12)
"Design of a wide-band low power RF front-end for multi-standard applications".

Dr. Biomedical Engineer MARIO CERESA (29-06-12)
"Automatic emphysema quantification within a lung cancer screening program".

Dr. Mechanical-Electrical Engineer KAROL VALENTÍN GRÁNDEZ ROJAS (06-07-12)
"protocol routing with emphasis on energy efficiency for large-scale wireless sensor networks".

Dr. in Physical Sciences EIDER GOROSTEGUI COLINAS (13-07-12).
"Modelling of silicon behaviour for wafer fracture assessment during rapid thermal annealing".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer NEREA AGUIRIANO LEÓN (20-07-12)
"Methodology for intelligent in-vehicle information management systems".

Dr. Industrial Engineer IGNACIO DE ARTEAGA JORDÁ (23-07-12)
"Structural analysis of factory arch bridges from geometry obtained by means of geomatic and photogrammetric techniques".

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer JOSEBA GARCÍA MIRANDA (07-09-12)
"Matching, Coverage and Polarization Optimization of UHF tag antennas for long range RFID applications".

Dr. Civil Industrial Engineer RODRIGO FERNANDO LAGOS CERECEDA (24-09-12)
"Analysis of the dynamic behavior of railway vehicles passing through urban detours".

Dr. Industrial Engineer JACOBO PAREDES PUENTE (24-10-12)
"development of a system for impedimetric analysis of bacterial biofilms including biosensors, protocols and experimental platform and its application in central venous access implants".

Dr. Industrial Engineer FEDERICO MARTÍN IBÁÑEZ (10/29/12)
"Series resonant bidirectional bidirectional DC/DC converter for applications in energy storage systems".

Dr. in Chemical Sciences ANE MIREN MANCISIDOR TELLERÍA (29-10-12)
"Study of diamond stability and development of composite materials with leave and high diamond concentration in pre-alloyed matrices, Fe-Co-Cu/Fe-Cu-Sn and hard metal, WC-Co".

Dr. Computer Engineer TOMASZ JACEK SCHELENZ (11-30-12).
"Evaluation of design concepts and operational parameters in bus public transport systems using agent-based simulation".

Dr. Industrial Engineer GAIZKA ERKIZIA ESCOLANO (12-12-12)
"In-Silico simulation of drug delivery and degradation of scaffolds / Simulación in-silico de la degradación de scaffolds y liberación de fármacos".

Dr. Industrial Engineer ANE ALBERDI MUNIAIN (13-12-12)
"Magneto-sensitive elastomers in vibration isolation".

Dr. Biomedical Engineer ÁLVARO BERTELSEN SIMONETTI (12/14/12)
"Planning and registration techniques for image-guided robotic spinal surgery".

Dr. Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics GORKA VÉLEZ ISASMENDI (14-12-12)
"Modeling and simulation of shotcrete for use in real-time training applications".

Dr. Engineer Computer Engineer GORETTI ECHAGARAY LÓPEZ (17-12-12)
"Rigid and deformable collision handling for a haptic neurosurgery simulator".

Dr. en Chemistry Applied and Polymeric Materials NEREA COCERA VIZUETE (19-12-12)
"Oxidation of Consolidated Porous Laminates by CVD and Colloidal Silica Impregnation".

Dr. in Physical Sciences AMETZA NEREA source NUÑEZ (13-10-12)
"development of materials based on nickel aluminides by means of a powder metallurgical route".

Dr. Ingeniero Industrial GAIZKA SAN VICENTE OTAMENDI (04-02-11)
"Designing deformable models of soft-tissue for virtual surgery planning and simulation using the mass-spring model".
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación AITOR ERDOZAIN IBARRA (16-02-11)
"Métodos de reconstrucción de señales con tasa finita de innovación y esquema de codificación conjunta fuente-canal de descripción múltiple para canales paralelos AWGN". 
Dra. en Ciencias Químicas MARIA TERESA LÓPEZ DE ARMENTIA ITURRALDE (17-02-11)
"Comportamiento de procesos híbridos para la eliminación de nitrógeno de purines de cerdo operados con carga aplicada óptima".
Dra. en Ciencias Químicas SHAILA JIMENO ESPÍ (25-02-11)
"Desarrollo de electrodos cerámicos para la eliminación de los cianuros presentes en aguas residuales industriales". 
"Newly developed high performance Cr-Mo-Ni alloyed steel for PM applications". 
Dra. Ingeniera Electrónica  JANELCY ALFERES CASTAÑO (11-03-11)
"Digestión anaerobia de aguas residuales industriales: diseño de un controlador con especificaciones de estabilidad y máxima producción de metano". 
Dr. Ingeniero Informático MIKEL SOTO RODRÍGUEZ (18-03-11)
"Diseño e implementación de un sistema digital y configurable de medidas magnéticas no destructivas". 
Dr. Ingeniero de Materiales FERNANDO DE LAS CUEVAS  JIMÉNEZ (14-04-11)
"Structure and mechanical properties of twip steel".
Dr. Ingeniero de Materiales IVAN CASTRO CASAS  (15-04-11)
"Mechanical test to assess reliability of Si assembly interaction during flip chip packaging". 
Dr. en Ciencias Físicas OSCAR GARCÍA BELTRÁN   (06-05-11)
"Cellular automaton modeling of transformations in bainitic steels". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial AITOR  GARCÍA DE LA YEDRA BASURTO  (17-06-11)
"Thermo-Mechanical fatigue tests and life prediction of C-1023 and MarM-247 nickel based superalloys". 
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación AITOR ARRIOLA BILBAO (20-06-11)
"Design and analysis of planar and low-profile antennas for body area networks at 2.45 GHz". 
Dra. Ingeniera de Telecomunicación ESTÍBALIZ GOIKOETXEA URIARTE (08-07-11)
"Low power digital hardware architectures for a MB-OFDM based UWB transceiver".
Dr. en Ciencias Químicas NIRKO JOSE VELMA BARRIOS (08-07-11)
"Densificación, propiedades mecánicas y microestructura de un polvo de Fe-Cu-Sn procesado mediante sinterización sin presión". 
Dra. Ingeniera Industrial AINARA PRADERA MALLABIABARRENA (19-07-11)
"A practical method for computational aeroacoustics in low mach number flows". 
Dr. en Ciencias Físicas DAVID MARCOS GÓMEZ (20-07-11)
"Use of finite elements to characterize thermomechanical and interfacial properties of composite materials".
Dra. Ingeniera Industrial MARÍA DEL CARMEN JACA GARCÍA (21-07-11)
"Modelo de evaluación para la sostenibilidad de los equipos de mejora". 
Dr. Ingeniero Electrónico JAVIER VADILLO LANDAJUELA (26-07-11)
"Convertidores de potencia AC-AC directos: modelización, análisis y simulación de la topología matricial. Diseño y validación experimental de un Convertidor Matricial de media potencia".
Dr. Ingeniero en Automática y Electrónica Industrial ÁNGEL IMANOL EGAÑA PÉREZ (29-07-11)
"Máquinas de imanes permanentes y alta velocidad: métodos y criterios para su diseño electromagnético, mecánico y térmico". 
Dra. en Ciencias Químicas MAIDER OLASOLO URIONABARRENECHEA (03-10-11)
"Estudio de la transformación de fase en aceros de bajo contenido en carbono microaleados con niobio". 
Dr. en Ciencias Físicas JOSÉ LUIS LANZAGORTA BENGOECHEA (17-11-11)
"Comportamiento mecánico y evolución microestructural de aceros deformados a temperaturas intermedias mediante la aplicación de diferentes modos de deformación". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial JORGE RODRÍGUEZ ARCE (18-11-11)
"Study of the transfer of procedural and motor skills using virtual reality for training industrial maintenance and assembly operations". 
Dr. Ingeniero electrónico JESÚS ALBERTO ZAMBRANO BALLESTERO (25-11-11)
"Autothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion: Design of controllers and benchmarking validation". 
Dra. Ingeniera Industrial MARTHA PATRICIA GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ (09-12-11)
"Plug and Lean. Modelo de mejora continua apoyado en tecnología inalámbrica para incrementar la efectividad de las operaciones de manufactura". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial JON GASTELURRUTIA ROTETA (12-12-11)
"Modelación térmica de la refrigeración por convección natural de transformadores de distribución de tipo ONAN". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial MARCOS LOUREDO CASADO (14-12-11)
"Diseño de herramientas mecatrónicas para operaciones de mecanizado quirúrgico". 
Dra. en Ciencias Químicas MIREN ARISTIZABAL SEGARRA (15-12-11)
"Estudio de la sinterización y la resistencia al desgaste y oxidación de las aleaciones WC-Ni-Co-Cr". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial ALBERTO PABLO ELOSEGUI ARTOLA (16-12-11)
"Development and validation of computational tools to study key parameters of cell mechanics". 
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación IÑAKI FERNÁNDEZ LACABE (16-12-11)
"Design and implementation of a complete reconfigurable RFID C1G2 sensor system".
Dra. Ingeniera Industrial MAITE LÓPEZ GARATE (16-12-11)
"Sistema de selección de feedback adaptativo y configurable para sistemas interactivos inteligentes de ayuda al aprendizaje".
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial ALEJANDRO ASENSIO CERMEÑO (19-12-11)
"MEMS and CMOS integration: Passive RFID sensing systems".
Dra. Ingeniera Civil CLAUDIA MILENA CARDONA JIMÉNEZ (20-12-11)
"Modelado matemático y simulación de la calidad del agua en los ríos".
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación ION SUBERVIOLA GARMENDIA (21-12-11)
"Experimental study of a GNSS bistatic radar for air target detection".
Dra. en Ciencias Físicas IRENE CASTRO HURTADO (21-12-11)
"Novel nanostructuration strategies and materials to optimize the sensing properties of conductometric formaldehyde gas sensors". 
Dr. Ingeniero Informático HUGO ÁLVAREZ PONGA (22-12-11)
"Study of Augmented Reality Methods for Real Time Recognition and Tracking of Untextured 3D Models in Monocular Images". 

Dra. Ingeniera Industrial MIREIA ALTIMIRA FERRER (2010) - Director: Alejandro Rivas Nieto
"Analysis of atomization systems through mathematical modeling and experimentation: Application to industrial fan-spray atomizers".  
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial JORGE GONZÁLEZ PRADA (29-01-10)
"Passive and Semi-active Gas Dampers: Dynamic Modelling and Application to Off-road Vehicles". 
Dra. en Ciencias Físicas KIZKITZA GURRUCHAGA ECHEVERRÍA (09-02-10)
"Caracterización No Destructiva a través de Técnicas Magnéticas de la Variación de la Microestructura y la Textura durante el Recocido de Aceros Bajos en Carbono". 
Dr. Ingeniero Mecánico ALFREDO GERARDO RÍOS NOGUÉS (12-02-10)
"Micromechanical Modelling of Metal Matrix Composites with Continuous Fibres". 
Dra. Ingeniera Informática MARÍA ORTIZ ESTÉVEZ (15-02-10)
"Low Level Analysis of SPN Arrays and Their Relationship with Gene Expression".
Dr. Ingeniero Informático PABLO CABEZAS LORENZO (24-02-10)
"Design, Implementation and Validation of a Usable Semantic OSGi  Architecture (DSOR) within the Smart Home Environment".  
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial IBÓN ELOSEGUI SIMÓN (26-02-10)
"Máquinas Síncronas Multimpolares de Imanes Permanentes para Aplicaciones Industriales: Dimensionamiento, Cálculo y Criterios de Diseño".  
Dra. Ingeniera de Telecomunicación AINARA RODRÍGUEZ GONZÁLEZ (26-02-10)
"Herramienta de Litografía por Interferencia Láser para Micro y Nano Estructuración de Materiales". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial MARCELO JAVIER CASTELLI LÉMEZ (16-04-10)
"Metodología de Monitorización y Diagnóstico de Máquinas Eléctrica de Inducción". 
Dr. Ingeniero en Automática y Electrónica Industrial DIMAS LÓPEZ PARÍS (19-04-10)
"Simulación de Modelos Realistas de Peatones Autónomos Basados en Lógica Difusa para Simuladores".  
Dra. en Ciencias Biológicas MAITE CAMINOS GONZÁLEZ (30-04-10)
"Diseño Óptimo de Procesos Biorreactor de Membrana para la Eliminación de Nutrientes en Aguas Residuales Urbanas".  
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación XABIER ARTAECHEVARRÍA ARTIEDA (17-05-10)
"Análisis de Imagen Automatizado para la Caracterización de modelos Animales de Enfermedad Pulmonar Utilizando Micro-tomografía Computerizada de Rayos-X".
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial GORKA SÁNCHEZ LARRAONA (31-05-10)
"Metodología para la Simulación Computacional de Contadores de Chorro Único Aplicada al Estudio de la Influencia en su Funcionamiento de los Principales Parámetros de Diseño".  
Dra. en Ciencias Químicas LORENA JOSEFINA LOZADA CABEZAS (18-06-10)
"Sinterización en Fase Líquida de Aceros Inoxidables: Evolución Microestructural y Propiedades Finales".  
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial ALAIN GIL DEL VAL (21-07-10)
"Prognosis Automática de la Calidad de las Roscas Mecanizadas con Macho de Roscar a partir de la Señal de Par".  
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial CARLOS CASANUEVA PÉREZ (06-09-10)
"Análisis Dinámico de un Eje de Ferrocarril con Capacidad de Cambio de Ancho Automático".  
Dr. Ingeniero Químico WILFREDO GARCÍA VARGAS (24-09-10)
"Desarrollo de Aceros Pulvimetalúrgicos Autotemplables con Alta Resistencia Obtenidos a Baja Temperatura de Sinterización". 
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación ARITZ UBARRECHENA BELANDIA (27-09-10)
"Design of a Low-power Temperature Sensor for Passive RFID Sensors". 
Dra. Ingeniera Industrial IDOIA SAN SEBASTIÁN IBIRRIAGA (08-10-10)
"Modelización de la Difusión de Elementos Sustitucionales en Redes Cristalinas Cúbicas y su Aplicación a la Separación de Fases". 
Dra. en Ciencias Ambientales LEIRE OTEGUI GONZÁLEZ (08-10-10)
"Behaviour of biotrickling filters operated under high-load conditions for hydrogen sulphide removal in WWTPs".
Dra. en Ciencias Biológicas LARRAITZ AÑORGA GÓMEZ (27-10-10)
"Electrochemical DNA microbiosensor based on a three-electrode configuration for the detection of specific DNA sequences". 
Dr. Ingeniero de Telecomunicación THOMAS PENGO (08-11-10)
"Automation of early lung cancer detection". 
Dr. Ingeniero Industrial IÑIGO ANTEPARA LÓPEZ DE MATURANA (26-11-10)
"Comportamiento del soporte metálico (crofer) en condiciones anódicas de oxidación". 
Dra. Ingeniera Electrónica MILDRED JESENIA PUERTO COY (09-12-10)
"Estudio de la influencia del usuario y los modos de vibración de la interfaz en la estabilidad y dinámica de sistemas hápticos". 
Dr. Ingeniero Informático JAIRO ROBERTO SÁNCHEZ TAPIA (10-12-10)
"A Stochastic parallel method for real time monocular SLAM applied to augmented reality".
Dr. Ingeniero Informático CARLOS IGNACIO BUCHART IZAGUIRRE (13-12-10)
"Study of parallel techniques applied to surface reconstruction from unorganized and unoriented point clouds". 
Dr. Ingeniero Civil ADRIÁN SANTILLI ALMARAZ (17-12-10)
"Empuje lateral del hormigón fresco sobre elementos de encofrado vertical: estudio experimental y desarrollo de un modelo empírico". 

Dr. Telecommunication Engineer JON DEL PORTILLO SAN MIGUEL (21-12-10)
"Ferst-methodology of design multidisciplinary for safety critical electronic systems".

Dr. in Chemical Sciences LUIS CARLOS ARDILA TÉLLEZ (22-12-10)
"New nitride-based coatings with silicon additions for machining inconel 718 alloy with carbide tools". 

Dr. MIGUEL ÁNGEL ANTÓN GONZÁLEZ (2009) - Director: Ángel Rubio Díaz-Cordovés
"Algorithms for the study of Alternative Splicing in Genes using Mircroarrays data".

Dr. SAIOA ARRIZABALAGA JUARISTI (2009) - Director: Antonio Salterain Ezquerra / Jon Legarda Macón
"design, Implementation and Verification of a Multi-Service QoS Architecture for a Multi-Residential Gateway".

Dr. AITOR CAZÓN MARTÍN (2009) - Director: Ángel Suescun
"Evaluation of the Neck Damage in the Child Bus Passenger Neck Caused by the Seat Belt During a Frontal Crash".

Dr. MARIA PILAR ESTEBAN PASCUAL (2009) - Director: Isabel Gutiérrez Sanz
"Microstructure-Mechanical Behavior Relationship in Duplex Stainless Steels and Simulation of Critical Cooling Conditions".

Dr. COREY BRIAN FRANZO (2009) - Director: Francisco Castro Fernandez
"Study of Gas-Solid Interactions in the Sintering of Powder Metallurgical Steels".

Dr. INMACULADA LÓPEZ GALILEA (2009) - Director: Carmen García-Rosales
"Development of Doped Isotropic Graphites and C/SiC-B4C Composiets for Fusion First Wall and Aerospace Applications".

Dr. ALBERTO LOZANO RODERO (2009) - Director: Luis Matey Muñoz
"Methodology of development of Intelligent Interactive Systems from financial aid to the Learning of Procedural Tasks Based on Virtual and Mixed Reality".

Dr. GARBIÑE MANTEROLA ARRIZABALAGA (2009) - Director: Luis Sancho Seuma
"Ozonation for Sludge Reduction in Water Treatment Plants: Process Optimization and Mathematical model ".

Dr. CRISTINA MARTÍN ANDONEGUI (2009) - Director: Eduardo Ayesa Iturrate
"Integral methodology for calibration of biochemical models using Monte Carlo techniques".

Dr. MAITE MUJIKA GARMENDIA (2009) - Director: Francisco Javier Gracia Gaudó
"development and characterization of giant magnetoresistive films for their application in biosensors based on immunological reactions".

Dr. BEATRIZ PEREDA CENTENO (2009) - Director: José María Rodríguez Ibabe
"Study of the Effect of Mo Addition on the Microstructural Evolution of Austenite during Hot Rolling of Nb Microalloyed Steels. Application to Thin Slab Direct Rolling Technologies".

Dr. MARCOS PÉREZ PÉREZ (2009) - Director: Antonio Martín Meizoso
"Study of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels with High Niobium Content, a Statistical approach ".

Dr. Mª NIEVES RODRÍGUEZ PEÑA (2009) - Director: José Manuel Sánchez Moreno
"Sintering of Cermets Based on Mixed Titanium and Molybdenum Carbonitrides".

Dr. BEATRIZ SEDANO GARCÍA (2009) - Director: Armando Muñoz Emparan
"Ultra Wide Band 2.5GHz to 10GHz Voltage Controlled Microwave Oscillator (VCO)".

PhD. FINN OLAV SVEEN (2009) - Director: José María Sarriegi
"The Dynamics of Incident Reporting Systems: From Safety to Information Security".

Dr. LUIS UNZUETA IRURTIA (2009) - Director: Ángel Suescun Cruces
"Markerless Capture of Human Body Motion and Combined Action Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction".

Dr. IBÓN ZALBIDE AGIRREZABALAGA (2009) - Director: Igone Vélez Isasmendi
"design of a Digital System for a C1G2 RFID Sensor".

Dr. MIREN ALAZNE ALTUNA ALBERDI (2008) - Director: Isabel Gutiérrez Sanz
"Study of Microstructure and Precipitation on Hardening in Steels and development of Models based on Microstructural Parameters".
Dr. NAIARA ARRUE GABILONDO (2008) - Director: Juan Francisco Sevillano / Igone Vélez
"Frequency Offser Estimation Based on FFTs for OFDM Systems with Periodic Preambles".

Dr. IÑAKI DÍAZ GARMENDIA (2008) - Director: Jorge Juan Gil Novajas
"Multisensory rendering methods and stability analysis in haptic interfaces".

Dr. DIEGO GONZÁLEZ TORRES (2008) - Director: José Manuel Martínez Esnaola / Javier Gil Sevillano
"Numerical Tools for Finite Element Modeling of Fracture and Crystalline Plasticity".

Dr. IÑAKI GURUTZEAGA ZUBILLAGA (2008) - Director: Armando Múñoz Enparan
"Single sideband and suppressed carrier modulator -SSBSC- with direct conversion from 70MHz intermediate frequency to ultra-wideband microwave (2.5 to 10.5GHz)".

Dr. JOSUNE HERNANTES APEZETXEA (2008) - Director: Diego Borro
"Interaction in Multisensory Haptic Systems: Collision Response and Usability Improvements".

Dr. JAIME HERRÁN PLANCHUELO (2008) - Director: Gemma García Mandayo
"Carbon Dioxide Monitoring by Impedance in BaTiO3-CuO Thin Films Synthesized by RF-Sputtering".

Dr. MARÍA ESTÍBALIZ LOYO MENDIVIL (2008) - Director: Pedro Crespo Bofill
"design of constellations for the Gaussian channel controlled by source statistics with report based on the Burrows-Wheeler transform".

Dr. AITOR LUQUE GÓMEZ (2008) - Director: Javiel Aldazabal / José Manuel Martínez Esnaola
"Microstructural Modeling of Ice Cream Rheology".

Dr. JAVIER MARTÍN AMEZAGA (2008) - Director: Jordi Viñolas Prat / Joan Savall
"design of Orientation Mechanisms with Active Touch Restitution in Haptic Devices".

Dr. IKER MAYORDOMO LASTRA (2008) - Director: Iñigo Gutiérrez García
"Design, Analysis and Implementation of a Long-Range RFID Reader for Passive Wireless Sensors".

Dr. ADRIANA MARÍA ORTIZ LAVERDE (2008) - Director: José María Sarriegi / Javier Santos
"Methodology for the modeling of systems with soft variables".

Dr. DANIEL PARDO SÁNCHEZ (2008) - Director: Andrés García-Alonso / Roc Berenguer
"design and Implementation of a Long Range Passive RFID Sensor System".

Dr. NOEMÍ PÉREZ HERNÁNDEZ (2008) - Director: Santiago Miguel Olaizola
"Fabrication and Characterization of Ordered Nanostructured Materials for their Use as Optoelectronic Devices".

Dr.MARIA CRISTINA REVILLA GÓMEZ (2008) - Director: José María Rodríguez Ibabe
"Influence of microstructural parameters on damage evolution during hot forming of resulfurized steels".

Dr. SHANDRA SAINZ RODRÍGUEZ (2008) - Director: Francisco Cartro Fernández
"New High Strength Powder Metallurgical Steels Obtained by Sintering with Specifically Designed Master Alloy Additions".

Dr. ANA SANCHO ERKIZIA (2008) - Director: Francisco Javier Gracia Gaudó
"Porous Silica for the development of 3D Capacitive Integrated Microstructures".

Dr. MIGUEL SECO CALLEJA (2008) - Director: Emilio Sánchez / Jordi Viñolas
"Monitoring of wheel defects in railway vehicles and application to a metro line".

Dr. PABLO MARTÍN MARTÍN TANCO RAINUSSO (2008) - Director: Elisabeth Viles Díez
"Methodology for the Application of design of Experiments (DoE) in Industry".

Dr. ALEXANDER VAZ SERRANO (2008) - Director: Roc Berenguer Pérez
"Design and optimization of an analog front end for a long range full passive RFID sensor".

Dr. IÑIGO ADIN MARCOS (2007) - Director: Guillermo Bistué García / Jaizki Mendizabal Samper
"RF CMOS Ics design applied to multistandard wireless applications for the 5 GHz U-NII band".
Dr. IKER AGUINAGA HOYOS (2007) - Director: LuIs Matey Muñoz / Diego Borro Yágüez"Automatic analysis of the precedence relationships and disassembly routes for selective disassembly planning in mechanical systems using virtual mock-ups".
Dr. UNAI ALVARADO VIDEIRA (2007) - Director: Guillermo Bistué García / Jon Legarda Macón
"Design of alow-power CMOS RF front-end for mobile TV applications based on DVB-H".
Dr. MARIO ALBERTO ÁLVAREZ OCHOA (2007) - Director: José Manuel Sánchez Moreno
"Densificación de cermets de Ti (C,N) basados en mezclas de polvos ultrafinos".
Dra. MARIBEL ARRIBAS TELLERÍA (2007) - Director: José María Rodríguez Ibabe
"La tecnología del Titanio en aceros microaleados. Aplicación al conformado en caliente de formas semiacabadas".
Dr. MIKEL AZCUNE ARRIADA (2007) - Director: Iñigo Puente Urruzmendi
"Transmisión de cargas en la ejecución de edificios de hormigón: mediciones en obra y análisis teórico".
Dr. JULIUS BUTIME (2007) - Director: Iñigo Gutiérrez García
"Computer vision algorithms applied to a conoscopic holography system".
Dra. SONIA CALZADA MÍNGUEZ (2007) - Director: Nicolás Serrano Barcena
"Modelo para la integración de las fases de desarrollo de sistemas de gestión de información".
Dr. MIGUEL BUENAVENTURA CASTRO SÁNCHEZ (2007) - Director: Alfonso Brazález Guerra
"Nueva metodología de control no lineal basada en lógica difusa".
Dra. AINHOA CORTÉS VIDAL (2007) - Director: Juan Francisco Sevillano Berasategui
"Design of FFT algorithms and architectures for wireless OFDM communication systems".
Dra. MÓNICA DE GRACIA IGELMO (2007) - Director: Eduardo Ayesa Iturrate
"Modelado matemático de los reactores de digestión de lodos de EDAR".
Dr. JON ANDER ETXEBERRIA INTXAUSTI (2007) - Director: Francisco Javier Gracia Gaudó
"Membranas metálicas suspendidas para el desarrollo de microsistemas electromecánicos para radiofrecuencia (RFMEMS)".
Dra. MARÍA JOSÉ GARCÍA TÁRRAGO (2007) - Director: Jordi Viñolas Prat / Leif Kari
"Modelling the dynamic stiffness fo carbon-black filled rubber bushings including frequency and amplitude dependence".
Dr. EDUARDO GÓMEZ MARTÍN (2007) - Director: Germán Giménez Ortiz
"Desarrollo de técnicas avanzadas para la medición de esfuerzos rueda/carril en trenes de alta velocidad".
Dr. JAIRO GÓMEZ MUÑOZ (2007) - Director: Jaime Luis García de las Heras
"Digestión aerobia termófila autosostenida (ATAD) de fangos. Estudio experimental a escala real y modelización matemática del reactor".
Dra. PALOMA GRAU GUMBAU (2007) - Director: Eduardo Ayesa Iturrate
"Nueva metodología de modelado matemático integral de las EDAR".
Dr. AIMAR INSAUSTI BELLO (2007) - Director: Iñigo Puente Urruzmendi
"Estabilidad global de elementos estructurales de polímero reforzado con fibra de vidrio".
Dra. CRISTINA IPARRAGUIRRE MEDRANO (2007) - Director: Beatriz López Soria / Ana I. Fernández
"Interacción entre los procesos de ablandamiento y de precipitación inducida por deformación en aceros microaleados con Niobio".
Dr.  IGNACIO MANSA OTHAITZ (2007) - Director: Aiert Amundarain Irizar / Alejandro García-Alonso Montoya
"Nuevas estrategias de occlusion culling en entornos complejos y compactos".
Dr. CARLOS MAURICIO MORENO TÉLLEZ (2007) - Director: José Manuel Sánchez Moreno / Jon Molina Aldareguia
"Nuevos recubrimientos para el fresado a alta velocidad del TI6Al4V con herramientas de metal duro".
Dra. MAITE OYARZABAL RETEGUI (2007) - Director: Isabel Gutiérrez Sanz / Ane Martínez de Guereñu Elorza
"Efecto de la composición química sobre las cinéticas de recristalización y crecimiento de grano en chapas de acero de bajo carbono laminadas en frío".
Dr. EDUARDO PEDOJA INGOLD (2007) - Director: Juan Murcia
"Análisis no lineal de losas sin vigas de hormigón armado y pretensado. Modelo general y experimentación numérica".
Dra. RAQUEL  RODRÍGUEZ MARTÍN (2007) - Director: Ibon Ocaña Arizcorreta / Antonio Martín Meizoso
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Dr. VICTORIANO SEGURA RUIZ (2007) - Director: Angel Rubio Díaz-Cordovés
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