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"Writing financial aid to put in order and in a beautiful way all the sensations and emotions."

5 women win the first competition Short Story Contest organized during confinement

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5 women win the first competition Short Story Contest organized during confinement PHOTO: Courtesy
10/07/20 10:44 Paula Berroa

The competition Short Story Contest organized during the quarantine has its winners. Doctoral student Tecnun D. student Fátima Villa and Professor David del Río, promoters of the initiative, say that the jury's decision "was difficult, because there was a lot of quality in the texts received". Both thank the participants for sharing their reflections, as well as the sponsors of the contest, the stationery store Tamayo and the thalassotherapy center La Perla, for the prizes awarded to the winners.

Eva Sacristán González won first place in the Spanish category with her story "Improrrogable", and Irati Mendia García, a doctoral student at Tecnun, won first place in the Basque language category with her story "Bakardadea lagun artean".

The second award of stories in Spanish was won by the story "Hay días", written by the student of Tecnun AmaiaLizarraga Urzay (3º Ing. Tecn.Ind.), being Mireia Yurrita Semperena (Master Ing.Ind) the second winner in the category of stories in Basque, with her text "Gabantxi". The third award in the category of Spanish was won by M. Luisa Santesteban Arizcun, with her reflection entitled "Con la historia familiar bajo el brazo". The winners will receive a pass to La Perla and a pen.

"I thought of writing about what we were living, but from a different point of view. The word offers that fantastic and paradoxical possibility: to be able to hide the unsuspected under the appearance of the most obvious and expected," says Eva Sacristán.

Irati Mendia, on the other hand, acknowledges having missed the sea and wanted to narrate her perspective from that point of view, "reinforcing the relationship between the human and the natural": "When I go into the sea I feel that I am part of nature, which is what I have missed in the confinement".

AmaiaLizarraga, a student at Tecnun , confesses that "she usually writes to externalize and channel her emotions in a way that makes it easier to understand what she feels and her reasons. "I never used to let anyone read what I write, but for some time now a couple of friends have been doing it and they encouraged me to present myself with this text," she says happily after receiving the news.

Finally, Mireia Yurrita, a student of the Master in Industrial Engineering, wrote her story from the United States, since the crisis broke out when she was doing a stay at MIT: "Writing financial aid toput in order and in a beautiful way all the sensations and emotions that come to the surface when facing such a delicate status far from home".

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