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<h3><b>En caso de accidente:</b></h3>

Health care and insurance

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In the event of an accident:

In the event of an accident:

School Insurance from the National Institute of Social Security:

The following are included: students under 28 years of age, enrolled in degrees recognised by the Ministry of Education, who are not registered in any other Social Security scheme, who do not have an employment contract, and foreigners with legal residence in Spain. This is included in the enrolment form.

Benefits: school accident, family accident, neuropsychiatry, surgery, obstetrics, pulmonary and bone tuberculosis, etc.

Subsidised health centres: care in these cases is provided at the Policlínica Guipúzcoa (Paseo Miramón, 174), on the San Sebastián campus.

If you are on campus at Tecnun at the time of the accident, you should go to the Secretary's Office at Tecnun and inform Ana Moreno(amoreno@tecnun.es, ext.2420) to fill in the attendance report and then go to the Polyclinic.

If you are away from the campus Tecnun, you should call the Secretary's Office as soon as possible and go to the Polyclinic. The attendance report will then be sent to you by the Secretary's Office.



C/ Podavines, 3 20011 San Sebastián Tel.: 943 48 36 82 Fax: 943 48 37 38 www.seg-social.es

Health insurance:

Other contingencies such as accidents occurring at the student's home or common illnesses, which must be treated at health centers or public hospitals upon presentation of the health card, are excluded from the coverage of the School Insurance.

 Maphre Accident Insurance

 Student Accident Communication Report

In case of common illness:

Students may be treated at health centers or public hospitals (they must present their Individual Health Card or European Health Insurance Card). If you have a private health insurance, you can go to the centers determined by your policy.

Health insurance:

 International students (Acunsa, University of Navarra Clinic)

 National students (Acunsa, Clínica Universidad de Navarra)

 Travel Insurance Information (link to contract the insurance)

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Adapting the evaluation system to students with special needs

Adapting the evaluation system to students with special needs

Students with special needs due to different reasons (ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, phobias, illness, accident, etc.) may request the adaptation of the evaluation system and the extension of the time allotted to take the exams.

For this purpose, the student will submit the following form each year to the Student Subdirectorate, accompanied by a medical report with specific adaptation guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the Subdirección de Estudiantes to establish the necessary applicable adaptations, issue the final academic authorization to be delivered to the student and inform the student's academic advisor.

 Adaptation Request Form 201 KB