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2020_11_06_TECNUN_Tecnun_ Diputacion_protagonizan_jornada_trabajan_para_fomentar_simbiosis_industrial_Gipuzkoa

Tecnun and the Provincial Council hold a working day to promote industrial symbiosis in Gipuzkoa

30 public and private stakeholders of the territory identify the strategies that will achieve the required shift towards circular economy

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The participants of Tecnun, Menchu Jaca, Marta Ormazabal, Florencia Kalemkerian, María Jesús Álvarez and John Rincón. PHOTO: Communication Service
06/11/20 12:48 Communication Service

Professors and researchers from Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian, have participated this week in a working day together with some thirty agents from the public administration, companies, foundations, universities and associations with the aim of identifying strategies to achieve the required change towards the Circular Economy

The session, which was attended by the Director of Environment of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Mónica Pedreira, is part of the Sarea project in which Tecnun and the Provincial Council are working together. The aim of this project, launched at the beginning of the year, is to develop useful strategies for both public agents and private companies seeking to develop industrial symbiosis in Gipuzkoa. As the Director of the Environment indicated: "The Circular Economy saves resources, reduces emissions and is an opportunity for Gipuzkoa to advance in the development of a green economy that can reach 10,000 jobs before 2030".

The aim of this day was to focus attention on the strategies needed to achieve an accelerated transition to a circular economy. More than 50 strategies were identified, resulting from the input and consensus work of the participants, such as the promotion of solutions aimed at reducing waste, such as eco-design, or the development of alliances between different agents to increase circularity, among others. 

"There is a lot of consensus among the various participants, regardless of the point of view of each entity, which indicates that there is a common idea of what the Circular Economy is, that work is being done on it and that the route to follow is defined," said Carmen Jaca, professor in the Department of Industrial Organization at Tecnun. 

It is also interesting "that the points of view of different stakeholders are on the table, not only to work with individual strategies for the implementation of the Circular Economy, but strategies as a group to accelerate the transition," said Marta Ormazábal, also a professor in the Department of Industrial Organization of the School of Engineering. 

The workshop was attended by IHOBE, the Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government, the City Council of Donostia, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa as well as Ekomodo, Ekonek, Sustainn, UCAN, Foretica Dekosocial, ECOEMBES, Cristina Enea Foundation, Gureak, Irizar, Aclima, Ecocir, NaturKlima, the University of Extremadura, the University of Cantabria, Bilibin Circular and the Department of Industrial Organization of Tecnun-University of Navarra. 

About Sarea

The strategies necessary for organizations to initiate the transition to a circular economy model through the implementation of industrial symbiosis have been identified and highlighted. The next steps to be taken will be focused on operationalizing these strategies with the different actors in the territory so that collaborative networks are developed and alliances between them are strengthened. In this way, organizations will be able to implement joint actions to achieve the necessary acceleration for the transition to a circular economy in the territory.

The results of this project point to the creation of a general reference framework for the implementation of industrial symbiosis and, therefore, this framework can be extrapolated to other companies in the territory, assuming that the transition to a circular economy model requires a systemic approach.

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