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Tantaka-Tecnun is the Solidarity Time Bank of Tecnun, School of Engineering of the University of Navarra and the Ceit technology centre.

It was created with the aim of putting the time of students, professionals, alumni and friends of the University at the disposal of organisations dedicated to covering the social needs that arise both in Gipuzkoa and internationally. At Tantaka we want to "help those who help".

Particularly valuable is "professional volunteering", in which engineering expertise is put at the service of social aid organisations.

It is open to anyone who wishes to collaborate.

Volunteers can collaborate during the academic year and in the summer, although there are projects that are only active during the academic year. 

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Tantaka Projects

Initiatives aimed at both education and leisure for young children and adolescents with emotional deficiencies and in vulnerable situations.

This area is related to the following SDGs:

Quality EducationGender EqualityPeace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsReducing InequalitiesPartnerships to achieve the objectives

School support for children or adolescents (Hazi eta Ikasi and Cáritas Gipuzkoa)

School support for children or adolescents in situations of social exclusion. The commitment is weekly and school support is provided in small groups or individually. 

Age: 7- 12 years 

Time and place: 

  1. Hazi eta Ikasi: Donostia-San Sebastián. Mondays and/or Thursdays (Amara); Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (Antiguo), from 17.15 to 18.45h.
  2. Caritas: to be defined 

*You can choose the entity and the day you want to attend. 

Spanish or science classes for teenagers (Red Cross, Cronoprogramme ) 

The aim of the Crono programme is to collaborate through socio-educational accompaniment with children and adolescents who live in the Network of Residential Foster Care Resources of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The volunteer can choose which day he/she prefers to attend. The commitment is weekly.

Age: 12-18 years old. Generally, we collaborate with adolescents between 14 and 18 years old.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 11.30-13.30h. 

Place: near Anoeta, Donostia-San Sebastián.

*Red Cross requires a volunteer course beforehand, which can be taken online. 

Leisure and free time activities with children (Red Cross, Eskutik programme) 

Leisure and free time activities with children living in shelters run by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The accompaniment is individual and the commitment is weekly

Age: 7- 12 years 

Timetable: to be agreed between the volunteer and the organisation, although during the week the activity takes place from 6pm when the children are not at school. There is the option of doing the activity at the weekend. 

*Red Cross requires a volunteer course beforehand, which can be taken online. 

Place: Gipuzkoa . The needs vary but the volunteer can request to be notified in case there is a need for accompaniment near their area of residence. 

One-off childcare service for children from low-income families (Arrats)

The aim of this activity is to provide the families of these children, who have limited resources, with free time or educational workshops. 

Age: 0 - 8 years

Timetable: Monday to Thursday, between 9am and 2pm / Friday from 5pm to 7.30pm. It can be held fortnightly. 

Venue: Donostia-San Sebastián, Intxaurrondo. 

Projects for volunteers who wish to accompany elderly or sick people who, due to different circumstances, need care, affection and time.

This area is related to the following SDGs:

Partnerships to achieve the objectives

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Health and Wellbeing

Gender Equality



Accompanying elderly or sick people 

Given the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, accompaniment will be by telephone or in person, depending on each case. The commitment is weekly, with the exception of socialisation activities, which will be organised on an ad hoc basis throughout the course.

Associations: Nagusilan, Adinkide (Friends of the Elderly), Matia Fundazioa, and AFAGI (Association of Families and Friends of People with Alzheimer's).

Timetable: to be established between the volunteer and the organisation. 

*The volunteer will choose which entity he/she prefers, according to timetables or preferences.

People with disabilities have many other abilities. Discover the projects that work with this group through leisure, accompaniment, music and other artistic disciplines.

This area is related to the following SDGs:

Health and WellbeingGender EqualityReducing inequalitiesPeace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsPartnerships to achieve the objectives

Accompanying people with cerebral palsy (Aspace)

Accompaniment and leisure activities with people with cerebral palsy

Timetable: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 13.45h to 14.45h.

Place: Goienetxe centre, next to Tecnun-Ibaeta. 

Projects aimed at accompanying or collaborating in the training of adults with limited resources through computer workshops, as well as in the field of domestic services, nutrition or cooking.

This area is related to the following SDGs:

Quality EducationGender EqualityPeace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsReducing InequalitiesPartnerships to achieve the objectives

Housework workshop (Saramá Project, Cáritas) 

Caritas aims to help women achieve greater personal and social empowerment through appropriate human and professional training. For all these reasons, the organisation provides spaces for training and learning, places for meeting, relationship and dialogue.

Timetable: to be agreed between the volunteer and the coordinator of the project at Tecnun, Paz Morer (pmorer@tecnun.es) 

Accompaniment of the Homeless (Caritas) 

This project covers different options, from collaborating in the Caritas reception centres(Hotzaldi and Aterpegaua), to helping in the Bidelagun initiative, whose objective is to guide these people in the search for residential resources, accommodation, etc.


- Hotzaldi or Aterpegaua: Every day from 20.30 to 00h. The commitment is weekly

- Bidelagun: To be arranged, from Monday to Friday, mornings. The commitment is weekly.

The aim is to offer a qualified service to social organisations, focusing engineering on cooperation, environmental improvement or the design of products that respond to the needs of vulnerable groups.

It is a project aimed at alumni of Tecnun.


Applika is a project that encompasses database programming tasks as well as the development of web and mobile applications. 

Timetable: To be agreed. 


Assistance in the improvement of processes for social entities

The current health crisis has forced social organisations to reorganise their activities and they need people with initiative, who know how to handle new technologies and help them designnew ways of doing things and reaching out to society .

Timetable: to be agreed. People interested in collaborating in the improvement of processes of an entity can write to pberroa@tecnun.es 

Photographic volunteering

Timetable: to be agreed between the volunteer and the chosen organisation. It is a one-off activity. Those interested sign up and when there is a need, they are sent an application form so that they can indicate whether or not they will be able to attend. 

Communication aid (Paliativos Sin Fronteras, Fundación la Valmuza, Choca los 5 por Venezuela) 

Activity: Paliativos Sin Fronteras, Fundación la Valmuza and Choca los 5 por Venezuela request help in the management of their social networks . In addition, the Valmuza Foundation needs a person who is available to update its website with news, events or photographs. 

Timetable: to be agreed between the volunteer and the chosen organisation. 




International Cooperation

International Cooperation

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With international volunteering we offer the opportunity to help in various projects to make the lives of many people more dignified. Tasks such as the construction and maintenance of buildings or the care of children in schools or orphanages are carried out. Volunteering usually takes place in summer with a minimum stay of 3 weeks.

For further information, please contact pberroa@tecnun.es



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Learning to serve and serving to learn

Tantaka invites university students to consider that there are opportunities for service in all areas of knowledge, and that it is by developing service initiatives that a deep and valuable education can be gained. For this reason, training courses are added to the volunteer activities.

These courses will be aimed at helping volunteers to better develop the activity they practice and to improve their understanding of the social environment in which we live.

Recognition of credits

From Tantaka-Tecnun, we encourage the university community to volunteer: alumni, students and their families, professors, researchers and staff of Tecnun and Ceit.

We understand that volunteering should be a free and altruistic decision, with the aim of giving the best of oneself to others.

However, students who wish may obtain ECTS for participating in one of the projects promoted by Tantaka. 

The Value of Time