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Tantaka-Tecnun is the Solidarity Time Bank of Tecnun, School of Engineering of the University of Navarra and the technology center Ceit.

It was created with the goal to put the time of students, professionals, alumni and friends of the University at the disposal of organizations that are dedicated to meeting the social needs that arise both in Gipuzkoa and internationally. In Tantaka we want to "help those who financial aid ".

Of particular value is the "volunteer activities professional", in which engineering expertise is put at the service of the entities of financial aid social.

It is open to anyone who wishes to collaborate.

Volunteers can collaborate during the academic year and in the summer, although there are projects that are only active during the academic year. 

Aplicaciones anidadas



Cooperación Internacional

International Cooperation

Aplicaciones anidadas


With the international volunteer activities we offer the opportunity to collaborate in different projects to make the lives of many people more dignified. Tasks such as the construction and maintenance of buildings or the care of children in schools or orphanages are developed. The volunteer activities generally takes place in summer with a minimum stay of 3 weeks.

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Learning to serve and serving to learn

Tantaka invites university students to consider that service opportunities can be found in all areas of knowledge , and also that it is by developing service initiatives that a deep and valuable education is truly acquired. For this reason, the activities of volunteer activities are complemented by training courses.

These courses will be aimed at helping volunteers to better develop the activity they practice and to improve their understanding of the social environment in which we live.

Recognition of credits

From Tantaka-Tecnun, we encourage to make volunteer activities to the university community: alumni, students and family members, professors, researchers and staff from Tecnun and Ceit.

We understand that the practice of volunteer activities should be a free and altruistic decision, in order to give the best of oneself to others.

However, students can obtain ECTS credit for participating in any of the projects promoted by Tantaka. 

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